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Sleeping Beauty 6 Touch the spindle

Quotes MERRYWEATHER: I don't see why she has to marry any old prince.
FAUNA: Now, that's not for us to decide, dear.
FAUNA: Maybe we should tell King Stefan about the boy.

MERRYWEATHER: Well, why don't we? FLORA: Listen! Maleficent! Rose! MERRYWEATHER: Oh, why did we leave her alone? FAUNA: No! FLORA: Rose! FLORA: Here. MERRYWEATHER: Rose, where are youRose, where are you? Rose, where are youRose! FLORA: Don't touch anything! MERRYWEATHER: Anything! Anything! MALEFICENT: Touch the spindleTouch the spindle. Touch it, I say. MALEFICENT: You poor, simple fools, thinking you could defeat me. Me, the mistress of all evil! Well, here's your precious princesshere's your precious princess. FLORA: Rose! FAUNA: Rose! MERRYWEATHER: Oh, Rose!
FLORA: Oh, I'll never forgive myself.
FAUNA: We're all to blame.
KING HUBERT: Stefan, there's something important I have to tell you.
KING STEFAN: Uh, not now, Hubert.
KING HUBERT: But it's about Phillip.
KING STEFAN: Phillip? Oh, yes, of course, Phillip. Why, where is the boy?
KING HUBERT: That's what I'm trying to tell you.
KING STEFAN: Well, send for him immediately.
MASTER OF CEREMONIES: The sun has set. Make ready to welcome your princess.
FAUNA: Poor King Stefan and the Queen.
MERRYWEATHER: They'll be heartbroken when they find out.
FLORA: They're not going to.
FAUNA: They aren't?
FLORA: We'll put them all to sleep until Rose awakens.
FLORA: Come. Watch Sleeping Beauty videosongSleeping Beauty song.
KING HUBERT: Well,just been talking to Phillip. Seems he's fallen in love with some... peasant girl.
FLORA: Peasant girl?
FLORA: Yes? Yes?
FLORA: The peasant girl? Who is she? Where did he meet her?
KING HUBERT: Uh, just some peasant girl he met.
FLORA: Where? Where?
KING HUBERT: Once upon a dream.
FLORA: Once upon a drem... Rose! Prince Phillip! Oh!
FLORA: Come on. We've got to get back to the cottage.
MALEFICENT: Well! This is a pleasant surprise. I set my trap for a peasant, and now I catch a prince. Ha-ha-ha!
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