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Snow White | 10 | Only by love's first kiss

THE QUEEN: Dip the apple in the brew. Let the Sleeping Death seep through! Look! On the skin! The symbol of what lies within. Now, turn red to tempt Snow White. To make her hunger for a bite. Have a bite? It's not for you. It's for Snow White. When she breaks the tender peel to taste the apple in my hand, her breath will still, her blood congeal. Then I'll be fairest in the land! But wait!



THE QUEEN: There may be an antidote. Nothing must be overlooked. Oh, here it is! Love's First Kiss. Bah! No fear of that. The dwarfs will think she's dead. She'll be buried alive! Buried alive! Thirsty? Have a drink! DOC: Now, don't forget, my dear. The... The old Queen's a sly one, full of witchcraft. So beware of strangers. SNOW WHITE: Don't worry. I'll be all right. See you tonight. DOC: Uh, yes. We... Well, c'mon, men. BASHFUL: Be awful careful 'cause if anything'd happen to you, I, I... SNOW WHITE: Good-bye. BASHFUL: Oh, gosh! GRUMPY: Hah! Disgustin'! SLEEPY: And be sure to watch out... To wa... Watch out. Thanks. SNOW WHITE: Well... All right. But that's the last... Wha... Oh, go on. Run along. DWARFS (SINGING): Heigh-ho, heigh-ho it's off to work we go SNOW WHITE: Good-bye! Good-bye! GRUMPY: Now I'm warnin' ya. Don't let nobody or nothin' in the house. SNOW WHITE: Why, Grumpy, you do care. GRUMPY: Hah! SNOW WHITE: Good-bye, Grumpy! THE QUEEN: The little men will be away and she'll be all alone with a harmless old peddler woman. SNOW WHITE (SINGING): Some day my prince will come. Some day we'll meet again and away to his castle we'll go to be happy forever I know.

Cast as voices

Adriana Caselotti (Snow White the young princess), Harry Stockwell (The Prince falls in love with her), Roy Atwell (Doc the leader of the seven dwarves), Scotty Mattraw (Bashful the shyest of the dwarfs), Eddie Collins (Dopey mute because he never tried to speak, Chipmunk and Squirrel sneezes), Stuart Buchanan (Huntsman), Pinto Colvig (Sleepy always tired and Grumpy has the biggest nose), Billy Gilbert (Sneezy with his extraordinarily powerful sneezes), Otis Harlan (Happy the joyous dwarf), Lucille La Verne (Queen the stepmother of Snow White), Marion Darlington and Purv Pullen (Birds), Moroni Olsen (Magic Mirror), James MacDonald (Yodeling Man).

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Ranked #1 in 2008 by AFI's TOP 10 Animated List America’s Greatest film.

Produced in 1937 by The Walt Disney Studios.

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