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Tangled video quotes - I take you to see the lanterns - Disney videos

Quotes from Tangled with Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, and snapshot picture;
RAPUNZEL: I know. I need someone to take me. I think he's telling the truth, too. He doesn't have fangs. But what choice do I have? Okay, Flynn Rider, I'm prepared to offer you a deal. FLYNN RIDER: Deal? RAPUNZEL: Look this way. Do you know what these are? FLYNN RIDER: You mean the lantern thing they do for the princess? RAPUNZEL: Lanterns? I knew they weren't stars. Well, tomorrow evening, they will light the night sky with these lanterns. You will act as my guide, take me to these lanterns, and return me home safely. Then, and only then, will I return your satchel to you. That is my deal. FLYNN RIDER: Yeah. No can do. Unfortunately the kingdom and I aren't exactly simpatico at the moment, so I won't be taking you anywhere. RAPUNZEL: Something brought you here, Flynn Rider. Call it what you will, fate, destiny... FLYNN RIDER: A horse. RAPUNZEL: So I have made the decision to trust you. FLYNN RIDER: A horrible decision, really. RAPUNZEL: But trust me when I tell you this. You can tear this tower apart brick by brick, but without my help, you will never find your precious satchel. FLYNN RIDER: Let me get this straight. I take you to see the lanterns, bring you back home, and you'll give me back my satchel?   Tangled - I take you to see the lanterns - snapshot picture
RAPUNZEL: I promise. And when I promise something, I never, ever break that promise. Ever. FLYNN RIDER: All right, listen. I didn't want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice. Here comes the smoulder. This is kind of an off day for me. This doesn't normally happen. Fine! I'll take you to see the lanterns. RAPUNZEL: Really? Oops. FLYNN RIDER: You broke my smoulder. FLYNN RIDER: Are you coming, blondie? >>> more Disney videos quotes from Tangled