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Tarzan II (2005)

watch an adventurous movie created by Walt Disney Home Entertainment, sequel to Tarzan; the film tell us about the man-cub ape family, and how helped by his best friends, Terk (ape "cousin") and Tantor (a cub elephant), Tarzan found his true way

Songs from original soundtracks: Son Of Man, Leaving Home (Find My Way), Who Am I


TANTOR: There's no such thing as the Zugor. He's nothing but an imaginary figment.
TARZAN: Terk was pretending so I could practice running for my life. I'm too slow. If I don't get faster, something terribleis gonna get me.
TERK: You're the worst ape ever. If the Zugor ever did come down from Dark Mountain, you'd be digested by now. Watch, read or share the full quotes
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KALA: You need your family, Tarzan, and your family needs you.
TARZAN: Nobody needs me.
KALA: I do. And I always will. more

TERK: The game just wouldn't be the same without Tarzan. You know? I can't believe he's gone.
TANTOR: Terk! Tarzan's alive!
TERK: That's impossible.
TANTOR: But I heard him. He was saying, "Don't tell anyone."
TERK: You've been in the sun too long. Take two mangoes, call me in the morning.
TANTOR: I heard Tarzan's voice coming from up on Dark Mountain. more

UTO: I know. Let's throw her off a cliff and see if she can fly.
KAGO: Gorillas can't fly.
UTO: Oh, yeah? How do you know?
KAGO: Because we are gorillas. more

ZUGOR: For me?
TARZAN: Sure. For your old bones. Like your mom used to make. Try it out.
ZUGOR: This wasn't part of the deal.
TARZAN: I know.
ZUGOR: It's good. Sleeping on air. I don't know what you are, Tarzan, but you're pretty clever.

ZUGOR: I thought you were my friend and you betrayed me. It was the first rule, and I broke it.
TARZAN: Zugor, please. I know I messed everything up, but you've got to help.
ZUGOR: Boo-hoo.
TARZAN: It's my family.

ZUGOR: Remember how you saved us from that rhino? And made that great hammock? And got those bananas? You do things no one else can. Kid, you're a Tarzan. Now, go get 'em.

MAMA GUNDA: Get out of here, you ratty old thing.
ZUGOR: Ratty? You hit every branch when you fell out of the ugly tree.
MAMA GUNDA: Well, you're so bony, I bet the vultures wouldn't even want you.
ZUGOR: Hey, the hippo called. He wants his body back.

TARZAN: I'm sorry I left, Mom. But I didn't want to hurt you.
KALA: Hurt me? Tarzan, you saved me.
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Cast as voices
Harrison Chad as Tarzan
Glenn Close as Kala
Brenda Grate as Terk
Harrison Fahn as Tantor
George Carlin as Zugor
Brad Garrett as Uto
Ron Perlman as Kago
Estelle Harris as Mama Gunda
Lance Henriksen as Kerchak
Connor Hutcherson as Tonka
Zugor - an old solitary ape living on Dark Mountain
  Mama Gunda
Mama Gunda - a female ape, mother of Kago and Uto
Kago - a silverback gorilla, Uto's brother
Uto - a clumsy ape, Kago's brother
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