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Gorillas can't fly

Quotes from Tarzan II with Tantor, Terk, Zugor, Kago, Uto, Mama Gunda, and snapshot picture Tantor: Terk, isn't Dark Mountain where the Zugor lives? Terk: Don't worry about that. Zugor's just an imaginary figment, remember? He's not real. Tantor: Sure, you know that and I know that, but does he know that? Zugor: Zugor! Go on. Shoo! Tantor: I do believe in Zugors! I do believe in Zugors! I do! I do! I do! Kago: Gotcha. Uto: You got him all right, Kago. Terk: Hey, let me up. Uto: Uh, Kago? This isn't a baby bird. Kago: It isn't? Terk: No. It isn't. Uto: Hey, you can't do that to my brother. Tantor: Oh, no! The Zugor has Terk. Leave my friend alone! Take me instead! Kago: You want a piece of me? Tantor: She's being eaten. Oh, the horror! Kago: Now, what are we going to do with you? Uto: I know. Let's throw her off a cliff and see if she can fly. Kago: Gorillas can't fly. Uto: Oh, yeah? How do you know? Kago: Because we are gorillas. Uto: So? Kago: And we can't fly. Uto: Yeah, but if our bones were hollow, and we had wings and feathers, we'd be the biggest birds in town. Mama Gunda: Well, what in the world? Kago: Look, Ma, we found a gorilla. Mama Gunda: And just where did this cute little sweetums come from? Terk: Hey, hey. Enough already, lady. I need that cheek for eating.   Tarzan II - Gorillas can't fly - snapshot picture
Mama Gunda: Oh, aren't you just the precocious one. Where are you from, dear? Tell us about your family, huh? Is there a silverback? Terk: Forget it, lady. I'm not talking and you can't make me. Mama Gunda: Kago. Mama Gunda: Let's try that again. Shall we, dear? Now, how did you get past the Zugor? And where exactly did you say your family is from? Is it nice? Lots of food and water? Perhaps you could show us the way sometime. Tantor: Terk? Are you out there or are you all eaten? >>> more Disney videos quotes from Tarzan II