I could practice running

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Quotes from Tarzan II with Terk, Tantor, Tarzan, and snapshot picture Tarzan II - I could practice running - snapshot picture   Terk: Hey, hey, hey! No fair catching a ride. Hello? What do you think you're doing? Whatever it is, you sure ain't doing it too good.
Tantor: Is it still coming? Hey, wait a minute. There's no such thing as the Zugor. He's nothing but an imaginary figment.
Tarzan: Terk was pretending so I could practice running for my life. I'm too slow. If I don't get faster, something terribleis gonna get me.
Terk: You're the worst ape ever. If the Zugor ever did come down from Dark Mountain, you'd be digested by now.
Tarzan: I bet I could catch you. Terk: Could not. Tarzan: Roar! Terk: Missed me. Tarzan: Roar! Terk: Missed again. It's sad, really. Tantor: This is a prescription for disaster. >>> more Disney videos quotes from Tarzan II