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Strongest tree in the jungle

Quotes from Tarzan II with Kala, Tarzan, and snapshot picture Tarzan: Everyone would be better off if I just wasn't around.
Kala: Come with me. I want to show you something. This tree used to stand here all by itself.
Tarzan: What happened to it?
Kala: One day there was a big storm, and the wind pulled on the tree, until finally it blew over. But now, look over here. This is the strongest tree in the jungle, because it has many trunks, all working together, lifting the leaves into the sky. And look, the trunks are all different. Some are thin, some thick, some twisted, some straight.
Tarzan: That one looks fat. Kala: It does, doesn't it? But they all help make the tree strong, strong enough to weather any storm. Like a family. Tarzan: Like our family? Kala: That's right. You need your family, Tarzan, and your family needs you. Tarzan: Nobody needs me. Kala: I do. And I always will. >>> more Disney videos quotes from Tarzan II
  Tarzan II - Strongest tree in the jungle - snapshot picture