The game wouldn't be the same without Tarzan

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Quotes from Tarzan II with Terk, Tantor, Gorilla Cubs, and snapshot picture Tarzan II - The game wouldn't be the same without Tarzan - snapshot picture   Gorilla Cub: You can't catch me, Zugor. Terk: Not now, guys. Okay? I'm not in the mood. Hey! I said I'm not in the mood! Okay? Now get lost! Look, I'm sorry. Okay? The game just wouldn't be the same without Tarzan. You know? I can't believe he's gone. Tantor: Terk! Tarzan's alive! Terk: That's impossible. Tantor: But I heard him. He was saying, "Don't tell anyone." Terk: You've been in the sun too long. Take two mangoes, call me in the morning. Tantor: I heard Tarzan's voice coming from up on Dark Mountain. Terk: Why didn't anyone else hear it? Tantor: I'm an elephant. I've got 20-20 hearing. Terk: Okay. Let's see if we can find him. Tantor: Terk... Tarzan said not to tell anyone. Terk: You guys have to stay here. Gorilla Cub: Nuh-uh. Gorilla Cub: No, we don't. Terk: Yeah, you do. You need to stay behind and cover for us. Yeah. If anybody asks, tell them we're out picking monkey berries. Gorilla Cub: Got it? Gorilla Cub: Okay. Monkey berries. Got it. Terk: Yeah, you're very cute. Okay? Run along, run along. >>> more Disney videos quotes from Tarzan II