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Tinker Bell 2 about your talent

Full quotes and pictures BOBBLE: The last thing is... TINKER BELL: Is it OK if I just catch up with
you later? BOBBLE: I suppose. CLANK: Can you find your way backCan you find your way back? TINKER BELL: Yeah, yeah, sure I can. BOBBLE: Alright then. CLANK: Just be careful! TINKER BELL: Hi, there... sorry... Vidia, right? We didn't officially meet. I'm Tinker Bell. VIDIA: Oh, yes, the new girl. TINKER BELL: That's right. So, what's your talent? VIDIA: What do you think it is? TINKER BELL: You're a poleniser? Polenator? Polen-picker? Polenflucker? VIDIA: I am a fast flying fairy. A true rare talent. And this is but a small part of what I do. I make breezes in the summer. I blow down leaves in the fall. My winds even brought you here, dear. Fairies of every talent depend on me. TINKER BELL: Hey, that's just like what I do. VIDIA: Excuse me? TINKER BELL: I mean Tinkers help fairies of every talent, too, so... We're kind of the same, you know? VIDIA: Sweetie, I make forces of Nature. You make pots and kettles. I work up in the sky and you work down in a ditch. TINKER BELL: Hey! VIDIA: Don't get me wrong, sunshine! Being a tinker is really swell and all, but I wouldn't go around bragging about your talentI wouldn't go around bragging about your talent! It's not like spring depends on you! TINKER BELL: Of course it does! And when I go to the Mainland, I'll prove just how important we are! VIDIA: When who goes to the Mainland? TINKER BELL: Me, of course! For spring! VIDIA: Oh, of course! You'll prove it, huh? TINKER BELL: Yes, I will... VIDIA: Well, I for one, am looking forward to that. Excuse me. TINKER BELL: No, excuse me. Mine is a rare talent! A! Don't tell me Tinkers don't matter. I'll show her what rare talent really is when I'll... BOBBLE: Hey, Tink. What you got there? TINKER BELL: Oh, hi. I don't know, I just found them. CLANK: Lost things. TINKER BELL: Uuu, lost things! BOBBLE: Hey, stuff gets lost and washes up on Neverland from day to day. You know, from the Mainland. TINKER BELL: These come from the Mainland? That place sounds more fascinating all the time. FAIRY MARY: Fairy potions, checked! Polen pots, checked! Lost things, checked! Lost things? Why are you fiddling with that junk? TINKER BELL: They were just so unusual! FAIRY MARY: You should not be wasting your time with that rubbish. And I won't have it cluttering up my workshop. And as for you two! No more dilly-dallying around! And don't forget about the queen's review tonight. Goodness! There's still so much to be done! Thank you! CLANK: Sorry about your trinkets, miss Bell. BOBBLE: Well, we best be getting ready for the reviewwe best be getting ready for the review, anyway.
TINKER BELL: What is the queen's review?
BOBBLE: You see, the queen is going to review all the preparations for spring. CLANK: It is a good time for us tinkers to show what we can doIt is a good time for us tinkers to show what we can do, hey? BOBBLE: Indeed!
CLANK: Like me, I can be a wheel!
TINKER BELL: Perfect. That's my chance.
ROSETTA: Ok, everybody, turn! Ready for the phase code over here!
MINISTER OF SPRING: A, splendid, splendid. There's plenty of time before the queen arrives. FAIRIES: A! It's the Queen!
  MINISTER OF SPRING: What? She's here? Now? Play music fairiesPlay music fairies! Play. Queen Clarion, your illustriousness, as minister of spring, I welcome you to Springtime Square. QUEEN CLARION: What? No fireworks, minister? MINISTER OF SPRING: A, well, that could be arranged! Light fairies, light fairies. QUEEN CLARION: I'm teasing you. You always make such a fuss and everything turns out wonderfully. MINISTER OF SPRING: Well, I think that you'll find that we have things well in hand. The ever-blossom blooms will be ready to bring spring to the Mainland. QUEEN CLARION: Music to my ears. I know you all put in months of practice and preparation. But keep up the good work these last few days because just as fairies... TINKER BELL: Queen Clarion! Did I miss anything? MINISTER OF SPRING: No, no, no. TINKER BELL: Good. QUEEN CLARION: It's alright. TINKER BELL: I came up with some fantastic thingsI came up with some fantastic things for Tinkers to use when we go to the Mainland. Let me show you. First, baby chipmunks can't eat the whole nut, right? Their little teeth can't chew big bites. So, you just crank back this lever and its... Ups... It's kind of a work in progress! MINISTER OF SPRING: Yes, yes, yes, very clever. TINKER BELL: Oh, and I made this, too. It's a flower-sprayerIt's a flower-sprayer. QUEEN CLARION: Tinker Bell, I... TINKER BELL: Allow me to demonstrate! Sorry! But, but, wait till you see this last one! QUEEN CLARION: Tinker Bell! Sweetheart, has no one explained? TINKER BELL: Explain what?
QUEEN CLARION: Tinker fairies don't go to the Mainland, dear.
QUEEN CLARION: All of those things are done by the Nature talent fairies! Your work is here, in Pixie Hollow!
TINKER BELL: But I thought that...
QUEEN CLARION: I'm sorry, Tinker Bell!
TINKER BELL: OK, no, no, that's good! I mean I couldn't make it, anyway, so... Good, this actually works out good. I mean well, so I'm just gonna... yeah.
FAIRY MARY: Back so soon? TINKER BELL: You didn't go? FAIRY MARY: Goodness, no. Far too much work to do down here! TINKER BELL: Vidia was right. Being a Tinker stinks! FAIRY MARY: Excuse me? TINKER BELL: It's just that... Why don't we get to go to the Mainland? FAIRY MARY: Oh, the Mainland? Who gives a pile of pebbles about the Mainland? TINKER BELL: But Fairy Mary, the other fairies get to go. FAIRY MARY: Now, Tinker Bell, are you a garden fairy? TINKER BELL: Well, no. FAIRY MARY: Are you a light fairy? TINKER BELL: No. FAIRY MARY: Animal fairy? Water fairy perhaps? TINKER BELL: No and no. FAIRY MARY: No, you're not. You are a Tinker, it's who you are, be proud of itYou are a Tinker, it's who you are, be proud of it. The day you can magically make the flowers grow, or capture the rays of the sun, then you can go. Until then your work is here. TINKER BELL: Good idea, Fairy Mary. TERENCE: Here you go, Silvermist. SILVERMIST: Thank you, Terrence. Oh, I hope Tinker Bell is OK. ROSETTA: I know that, poor little sapling. She looked pretty wilted yesterday. IRIDESSA: I wouldn't blame her is she stayed in bed all day. TINKER BELL: Good morning, girls! FAIRIES: Tinker Bell! TINKER BELL: Guess what? I've decided I'm not gonna be a tinker fairy anymore. FAIRIES: What? TINKER BELL: Well, I was thinking. Why do I have to be a tinker? Because some silly hammer glowed? I mean who's to say it wasn't some big mistake? Maybe I can just switch my talent! ROSETTA: Switch your talent? I don't know, Tinker Bell! TINKER BELL: If you could teach me your talentsIf you could teach me your talents, any of you, maybe I could show the Queen I can work with nature, too. And then she would let me go to the Mainland for spring! ROSETTA: Tinker Bell, that's just not how it worksTinker Bell, that's just not how it works. FAWN: Well, maybe she could. SILVERMIST: She's right, she could! IRIDESSA: Well, I've never heard of someone switching talents before. SILVERMIST: She's right, me neither! TINKER BELL: Look, you all do things that are beautiful and magical and important but me, well, there's got to be more to my life than just pots and kettles. All I'm asking is that you give me a chance! SILVERMIST: I'll help you, Tinker Bell! TINKER BELL: Thank you so... FAWN: Me, too! Me, too. Could be fun! ROSETTA: Well, first time for everything, I guess! What harm could come from trying? IRIDESSA: Well, I still think this is a bad idea. SILVERMIST: So, for your first day of Water fairy training, I could... Show you how to make dripples in the pond. TINKER BELL: OK. SILVERMIST: Or teach you how to talk to the babbling brookteach you how to talk to the babbling brook! TINKER BELL: That sounds fun, too. SILVERMIST: Wait, wait, I got it! I got it! Dew-drops on spider-webs! Come on, I'll show you how to do it! FAWN: Good luck, Tink! ROSETTA: You can do it! IRIDESSA: Aaa... Go get them! SILVERMIST: Just cup your hands like this, reach into the water, and OK, you heard of the dew-drop? This is a dow-drop. That's water-fairy humour. TINKER BELL: It's good. SILVERMIST: Come on! OK Tink, now this next part could be a little tricky! It takes a very steady, delicate hand to... Aaa... Where is your dew-drop? TINKER BELL: Oh! Forgot my dew-drop. Hey, I did it. SILVERMIST: Shake that one off! Shake it off! You can do this! FAWN: That's it! That's it Tink, you're doing it! Good... TINKER BELL: Uuu... SILVERMIST: Now, Tink, try to... Oh, no, sweetie... You need to... maybe if you... IRIDESSA: Well, you have to admire her persistence. SILVERMIST: Tinker Bell! IRIDESSA: You know, sometimes hammers glow for a reason. NOTE: To watch the pictures in high resolution, click on them

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Tinker Bell (2008)
Tinker Bell (2008)
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2 about your talent
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