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with Bambi, the much-loved protagonist of the famous 1942 movie, Walt Disney's personal favorite of all his animated features. All the games have brilliant descriptions, useful instructions, detailed game controls, fabulos tips and gorgeous pictures for your fair use.

Play Bambi the young prince of the forestPlay Bambi the young prince of the forest

You'll find by whom, the young deer was so called. Walking already. Well, what do you know?

Play Bambi, Thumper and FlowerBambi, Thumper and Flower game

What's the matter with them? Why are they acting that way? You'll find what it means twitterpated.

Play Bambi make new friendsBambi make new friends

Hello, Friend Owl. Don't you remember me? Why, it's the young prince.

Play Bambi learns the first wordsBambi learns the first words

Look, he's trying to talk. He's trying to say "bird". He talked, mama. You'll find who taught him.

Play Bambi Puzzle GamesBambi Puzzle Games

That's all right. He can call me a flower if he wants to. I don't mind.

Play Bambi meets a butterflyBambi meets a butterfly

No, that's not a bird. That's a butterfly. You'll find where has happened this event.
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Bambi is the first and one of the few Disney features where the songs were not sung by any of the film's characters. Each song was either sung off screen by a soloist or a choir. It was also Walt Disney Animation Studios' only non-musical film until 101 Dalmatians released 19 years later and only non-musical film with songs sung in the background until Tarzan (1999) released 57 years later.
"Bambi" premiered August 8, 1942 in London, a very daring move in the midst of war, and a few days later in New York. Despite glowing reviews, it was an initial box office disappointment. This prompted Disney to re-release Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) in the summer of 1944, a tactic that the studio regularly adopts now for all their animated features.
The character of Thumper (called Bobo in the first draft) does not appear in Felix Salten's original novel. He was added by Walt Disney to bring some much-needed comic relief to the script.
Felix Salten got the inspiration for his novel during a trip to Italy when he became fascinated with the Italian word "bambino" which means small boy.
The first Disney animated feature film to not have any humans and only one to do so until Robin Hood (1973).
Also you can watch: Bambi II (2006) tell us how the Great Prince of the Forest, feeling unable to parent, asks Friend Owl to find a doe interested in adopting Bambi.
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