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Lightning McQueen's Desert DashPlay Cars Lightning McQueen's Desert Dash

Play Disney official race game against Strip 'The King', Chick Hicks, Boost and Snot Rod.

Tractor Tipping gamesTractor Tipping games

OK, here's what you do. You just sneak up in front of 'em, and then honk. And they do the rest. Watch out for Frank the Bull, who's trying to catch you.

Ramone's PaintingRamone's Painting

Select a car, two tires and one or more decals, and start free painting your own car! Ramone's skill, can inspire you for a beautiful drawing.

Doc Hudson's Time TrialDoc Hudson's Time Trial

Race as Lightning McQueen against the clock to set your best time! Think you're fast enough for Doc Hudson's Trial? Let's see just how fast!

Flo's Fuel FreeFlo's Fuel

Move your gas can under the flowing gas pump to fill your can. Help Flo serve gas to the fine folks of Radiator Springs.

Disney's Cars Interactive Movie PosterDisney's Cars Interactive Movie Poster

Move the Magnifying Glass on the left to zoom in on your pretty Cars movie character.

Radiator Springs Racing Demo GameRadiator Springs Racing Demo Game

Select a hotshot rookie race car (Lightning McQueen, Sally, Flo, Ramone, Mater) to win the Piston Cup. Push the button to start car free engine.

Luigi and Guido's Tire RushLuigi and Guido's Tire Rush

Each level is timed and your customer will leave if you take too long. Help Guido look for the special tires and get them to the pump.

Ramone's Coloring BookRamone's Coloring Book

You can use as tools auto and hand paint, eraser, clear, brush size. Also you can select previous and next car.

Mater to the RescueMater to the Rescue

Help your best friend Lightning McQueen. You, as most loyal guy in town, have three lives. The game has five levels.

Luigi's Casa Della TiresPlay Cars Luigi's Casa Della Tires

Help Guido to create a Leaning Tower of Tires in order to attract customers at Luigi tire shop.

Mater's MemoryMater's Memory

You'll win by matching pictures of Mater and his friends from Radiator Springs. Match the pairs and beat the clock!

New car net racerNew car net racer

Click the start arrow on the road to begin. Steer by moving the mouse around your red car.

Grand Prix 2Play Grand Prix 2

Complete free all 3 tracks of the game before your damage reaches 100% .

Guido’s tire juggleGuido‘s tire juggle

Keep the tires on the air. If you're juggle enough time with a tire, other will be added.
In May 2007, the Cars video game was announced to be a "Platinum Hit" on the Xbox, "Greatest Hit" on the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable, and Player's Choice on the GameCube. Two sequels were released, Cars Mater-National Championship and Cars Race-O-Rama. A video game based on Cars 2 was developed by Avalanche Software and published by Disney Interactive Studios for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC and Nintendo DS on June 21, 2011. The PlayStation 3 version of the game was reported to be compatible with stereoscopic 3D gameplay. In October 2014, Gameloft released Cars: Fast as Lightning, a customizable, city-building racing game for smartphone platforms.
Some of games will train your skills to real cars action. Another will require your attention and memory for fair identification. Some are smart, others are funny. But all are cool, magnificent and engaging. And don't forget to refresh your beautiful memories, reviewing Cars (2006) full movie with Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson), a hybrid between a Toyota NASCAR with design influences from Mazda Miata and Dodge Viper but painted as Chevrolet Corvette C1. Sally Carrera Radiator Springs's town attorney, a 2002 996-series Porsche 911. Guido an BMW Isetta at the front Luigi a Scuderia Ferrari fan, a 1959 FIAT 500. Sarge a veteran with a military green paint job, a 1941 Willys model jeep; Fillmore a 1960 Volkswagen Bus. Also you can watch songs from original soundtracks as Real Gone performed by Sheryl Crow, Life Is a Highway performed by Rascal Flatts, Our Town performed by James Taylor, and Route 66 performed by John Mayer. Also quotes as We need tires (CHICK HICKS: Dinoco is all mine. DARRELL CARTRIP: Trouble, turn three!); Lightning's Great Agent (LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: I needed this. Hello? HARV: Is this Lightning McQueen, the world's fastest racing machine?); Never drive while drowsy (MACK: Just stopping off for a quick breather, kid. Old Mack needs a rest. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN: Absolutely not.).
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