Age of Empires II Saladin 3 The Horns of Hattin

Age of Empires II Saladin 3 The Horns of HattinAge of Empires II Saladin 3 The Horns of Hattin is a real-time strategy video game developed by Ensemble Studios. Released in 1999 for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh. Age of Empires II The Age of Kings is set in the Middle Ages.

Saladin (1137 - 1193) was a Sunni Muslim Kurd who became the first sultan of both Egypt and Syria, founding the Ayyubid dynasty. He led the Muslim military campaign against the Crusader states in the Levant.

The game features four types of resources: food, wood, gold, and stone. Players aim to gather resources, which they use to build towns, create armies, and defeat their enemies.


Galilee year twenty of my captureGalilee year twenty of my capture. Last night, we rode into a sandstorm. The men dared not open their mouths to speak. We clung to the necks of horses or camels while waves of sand rose and fell around us.


Capture the Piece of the True Cross (a relic) and return it to the Horns of Hattin (marcked by flags). There is precious little stone in the desert. You will have to rely on the strength of troops, not castles, walls or towers.


In this case, the best defense is a good offense. There are not many fish in Lake Tiberias. Support your economy with farms. As with any relic, your enemy may garrison the Piece of the True Cross in a Monastery. Beware the Templars and Hospitallers - they are your most dangerous opponents. There is precious little stone in the desert. You will have to rely on the strength of troops, not castles, walls or towers.

Game Solution

At night, the Saracens ride outAt night, the Saracens ride out and extravagantly pour out vessels of water into the sand within sight of the thirst-crazed Europeans. It is cruelty worthy of a Crusader.
Saladin has treated his prisoners wellSaladin has treated his prisoners well, providing them with ice water from the mountains and comfortable tents. For the first time in years, I have been able to speak to fellow countrymen. Bur I am unsure what to say to these invaders.
Not all of the prisoners were treated so royallyNot all of the prisoners were treated so royally. Reynald de Chatillon was captured here and, fulfilling his vow, Saladin sliced off Reynald's head with his own scimitar. How ironic that it was only after the Crusaders entered their lands that the Saracens were transformed into the people that we set out to destroy.

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An expansion for The Age of Kings, The Conquerors, was released in 2000. It introduced numerous new game features, including unique technologies for each civilization, and five new civilizations. Two of these, the Aztecs and the Mayans, represent the New World and have a distinctive architectural style. Other new civilizations are the Huns, Koreans, and Spanish.

The original Age of Empires II and its 2000 expansion pack, The Conquerors, were later released as The Gold Edition. Age of Empires II is often considered one of the greatest games ever made. An updated high-definition graphics version of the game, Age of Empires II: HD Edition, was released in 2013. The HD Edition includes the original game and the expansion The Conquerors, as well as new campaigns, civilizations, and updated graphics for high-resolution displays. A remaster, Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, was released in November 2019.

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