The Black Knight game

in which you get medieval, get back the peasants with their gold and don't mess Mathilda because she will turn you into a pig.
Rating: 97% (7 reviews) Rating 5
Game controls: Click with left mouse button to swing Hold and release left mouse button to get Medieval
Tips: The peasants have hidden all their gold from the king. Hit them to get it back. The harder you hit, the more you'll get. Don't hit Mathilda the witch. She hates to pay taxes and will turn you into a pig if you mess with her. Lucky Medallion gets you more gold with every swing. Strength Elixir helps you get medieval faster! Buy bigger weapons in Ye Olde Weapon Shope between to help you do more damage.
Black Knight game


Rating 5  Emily, Summerville, SC, US
Awesome The Black Knight game and Ye Olde Weapon Shope with Wooden Mallet (cost 500), Battle Hammer (cost 1500), Battle Axe (cost 2500), Excalibur Sword (cost 3000), Spiked Mace (cost 4000), Lucky Amulet (increases your haul from barrels, hay stacks, chests and those pesky peasants, cost 200), Armou Oit (cost 300), Strenght Tonic (cost 400).

Rating 5  Benjamin, Tulsa, OK, US
I know that armor oil hels you recover faster after a missed swing.

Rating 5  Buddy, Aspen, CO, US
I like very much The Black Knight game.

Rating 5  Brad, Austin, TX, US
Nice animation and very funny.

Rating 5  Tammy, London, UK
The Black Knight is very amusing.

Rating 4  Madison, Passaic, NJ, US
I want more games with The Black Knight.

Rating 5  Barbara, Stockton, CA, US
I spoke with my friend and I gave him the game link.