King of the Hill

game where you must fend off with flaming oil and catapult fire the attacks from all sides, defend your castle and stay King; you'll find here all 13 game's password levels.
Rating: 96% (10 reviews) Rating 5
Passwords: Castle 1/II pass: doubleattack 1/III: throughthetrees 1/IV: watchyourback 2/I: allroundassault 2/II: speeddemons 2/III: fastandslow 2/IV: ministorm 3/I: deathfromallsides 3/II: herecomethetanks 3/III: nottoclose 3/IV: missionsuicide Final Level pass: tothedeath
Game controls: Click, hold and drag on an individual catapult to aim and set the power. Then release to fire. Click on the flag to fire all available catapults of hill. Use the cursor keys to tip flaming oil over the walls.
Tips: You have four catapults, losing a catapult when an enemy reaches your castle walls or you get hit by catapult fire.
King of the Hill game


Rating 5  Brad, Austin, TX, US
I played all the 13 levels of the King of the Hill game. A hight score too.

Rating 5  Aden, Mount Vernon, WA, US
This game combines quick thinking and the ability to execute complex tasks.

Rating 4  Madison, Passaic, NJ, US
I want more games like this one.

Rating 5  Buddy, Aspen, CO, US
Good animation and graphics. I spoke with my friend and I gave him the game link.

Rating 5  Blue, Oxford, UK
I like very much King of the Hill. It's one of my favorite.

Rating 5  Alicia, Redding, CA, US
I rather fancy this game. 5 stars.

Rating 5  Cathy, Wichita, KS, US
King of the Hill is very entertaining.