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Play Snow White Way To Whistle like a game free where charming Snow White the young princess and the Seven Dwarves (Doc the leader of the seven dwarves who often mixes up his words, Bashful the shyest of the dwarfs, Sleepy always tired, Sneezy with his extraordinarily powerful sneezes, Happy the joyous dwarf and is usually laughing, Dopey clumsy and mute because he never tried to speak, Grumpy has the biggest nose) love to make music.

Help Snow White to remember the tune by repeating every note that her friends play. If you'll find a way to reproduce more notes of the song, your score, shown upper right, will be greater.

Game controls

Use your mouse to reproduce the way sequence of notes.


Watch when the first dwarf play his part. You'll notice musical notes and a magical glow around him. Next, click on the dwarf to show that you're following the tune. And so on.


100% (4 reviews) Rating 5
Snow White Way Whistle


White Rating 5  White, Austin, TX, US

On Snow White Way To Whistle is amusing and funny game. I played it with my son, who trained his ability to remember the way sequence of notes!

Merry Rating 5  Merry, St., Annapolis, MD, US

I spoke with my friend and I gave him the link to play himself this new great game. One of the best parts of Way To Whistle game is that it's completely free to play.

Blanche Rating 5  Blanche, Virginia Beach VA, US

After several attempts, everything went very well. I played Way To Whistle with my kids, Mike and Jimmy. Everyone found this game very funny!

Barry Rating 5  John, Spartanburg, South Carolina, US

When I want to relax, I usually play Snow White game on my laptop. If you’ve never tried it, you’ll discover why it’s so beloved once you start playing.

Also you can watch for free Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) full movie online, or listen Whistle While You Work.

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