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At the start of the game, you have one ball and a certain number of squares positioned on six columns.

Each square has a number that represents the total number of shots it must take to disappear from the screen.

As the game progresses to a higher level, the number of balls increases, and new square lines appear as well.

Game controls

Hold down your mouse button (desktop) or finger (mobile) to aim and release the balls.

Shoot the columns of squares to try and remove them.

After each turn the squares will move down one line and your score will increase by one.


100% (4 reviews) Rating 5
Balls v 
Squares game


If you see a circle with +1 in it aim for those first as they increase the number of balls you fire each round.

If one of the squares from the six columns touches the red bar at the bottom of the screen, the game is over.

Try to use the mantles so that the row of balls hits as many squares as possible.

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Angeline Rating 5  Angeline, London, England

Nice graphics! First, I had difficulties. But after several attempts, everything went very well. I played it with my kids, Katie and Max, and then with my husband, Patrice. Everyone found this game very funny!

Brad Rating 5  Brad, Austin, TX, US

The levels are very exciting. The animation is amusing and very funny. Train your brain with this original puzzle as you blast square columns! Shoot the colorful balls to advance to a new level, train your brain and test your matching skills while playing this addictive, casual game for free.

Edward Rating 5  Edward, Spartanburg, South Carolina, US

My personal record is 132 lines. I spoke with my friend and I gave him the link to play himself this new great game. Put your strategy skills to the test! Compete against friends and family and see who can reach the highest score. Use your logic and puzzle-solving skills to complete the missions and clear the board.

Barry Rating 5  Barry, Malvern, Worcestershire, England

When I want to relax and not play the guitar, I usually play a game on my laptop. Hollow spherical and Squares I liked it from the beginning. If you’ve never tried it, you’ll discover why it’s so beloved once you start playing.

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