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Play Frozen Rush like a game free with Disney characters from Frozen (2013) movie, the young Princess of Arendelle Anna, the Royal Ice Master and Deliverer Kristoff, Protector of the Enchanted Forest Elsa the regal and reserved Snow Queen, the funny and harmless snowman Olaf, by collecting the missing troll crystals to restore The Northern Lights.

Play story mode and collect crystals to unlock the Northern Lights.

Play endless mode to see how far you can get.

Get a hi-score and try to beat it each time you play.

Check you progress on goals. Finishing goals earns you extra snow-flakes.


100% (4 reviews) Rating 5
Frozen Rush game

Rush Controls

To jump over various obstacles click your mouse for desktop or tap your mobile device and to activate the powers press ENTER key for desktop or double tap your mobile.


You can type the following codes at the top left: 5555 to earn an 500 snowflakes bonus; so on 615431 for 1000 extrasnowflakes.

Game Tips

The map will show you the way to the Trolls Valley. Unlock additional characters as you progress through the levels. Travel to the Trolls Valley (by finishing all the story levels) to find Grand Pabbie. Select a character to play with. Upgrade your character to make them faster and stronger. Tumble Speed will help you to spin faster in-air when tumbling. Snow Magnet will help you to attract more snowflakes. Troll Magic will help you to stay invincible longer. Each character can collect crystals of a specific colour. Each character has a different ability. Be sure to try them all out! Anna can double-jump to allow her to reach special places that nobody else can. Kristoff can breaks through ice blocks using his trusty ice axe.


Merry Rating 5  Merry, St., Annapolis, MD, US

I spoke with my friend and I gave him the link to play himself this new great game. One of the best parts of Frozen Rush game is that it's completely free to play.

White Rating 5  White, Austin, TX, US

Frozen Rush is amusing and funny game. I played it with my son, who trained his ability to remember the way!

Blanche Rating 5  Blanche, Virginia Beach VA, US

After several attempts, everything went very well. I played Frozen Rush with my kids, Mike and Jimmy. Everyone found this game very funny!

Barry Rating 5  John, Spartanburg, South Carolina, US

When I want to relax, I usually play Frozen Rush game on my laptop. If you’ve never tried it, you’ll discover why it’s so beloved once you start playing.

Also you can watch for free Frozen Fever (2015) full movie online (where in the fictional Scandinavian Frozen Kingdom of Arendelle, on a summer day is Princess Anna's birth anniversary), or listen Olaf's Frozen Adventure Ring in the Season song (performed by Kristen Bell as Princess Anna, Idina Menzel as Queen Elsa, Josh Gad as talking snowman Olaf, and Chorus).

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Frozen Notes

To make the game easier, you can see the various solutions of the Disney characters: Anna Solutions Red Crystals who collects red crystals, Kristoff Solutions Green Crystals for green crystals, Olaf Solutions Blue Crystals for blue crystals, Elsa for purple crystals.

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