The Adventures of Robin Hood video quotes - let me see

with Olivia de Havilland as Maid Marian and Errol Flynn as Robin Hood and his snapshot picture from 1938 movie directed by Michael Curtiz and William Keighley
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ROBIN HOOD: Now, let's see, where does this game begin? Oh, I know. It's simple. We'll start where you're in love with me. You are, aren't you? Because I am with you, terribly. That's why I came. I had to see you again. MAID MARIAN: You must go at once. And I don't love you. ROBIN HOOD: Oh! Are you sure? MAID MARIAN: Yes. ROBIN HOOD: Very well then, I'll go. This is rather unfriendly of you, exposing me to my enemies like this. Errol Flynn as ROBIN HOOD: Let me see there's a fat old captain of the guard down there with bow legsErrol Flynn as ROBIN HOOD: Let me see there's a fat old captain of the guard down there with bow legs. If I drop on him that'll bend them out worse. An archer! He's too thin. I might miss him altogether. MAID MARIAN: Robin! ROBIN HOOD: The very thing. Five men-at-arms in a group. They'll break the fall beautifully. Goodbye, my lady! MAID MARIAN: Robin! ROBIN HOOD: Yes? MAID MARIAN: Please. ROBIN HOOD: Then you do love me? Don't you? Don't you? MAID MARIAN: You know I do. ROBIN HOOD: Well, that's different. MAID MARIAN: Do you know you're very impudent? ROBIN HOOD: Me? MAID MARIAN: You are! When my guardian, King Richard, finds out about your being in love with mefinds out about your being in love with me. ROBIN HOOD: I know, he'll make me court jester. MAID MARIAN: He won't! He'll stick your funny head on London Gate. And a fine decoration it will be, my bold Norman beauty. MAID MARIAN: I'm not bold. ROBIN HOOD: Well, you're Norman. Well, I don't hold that against you. And you are a beauty. You're the most beautiful... MAID MARIAN: You're leaving at once. Please, darling, every minute you're here you're in danger. ROBIN HOOD: I'll go. Marian, will you come with me? MAID MARIAN: To Sherwood? ROBIN HOOD: I've nothing to offer you but a life of hardship and danger but we'd be together. MAID MARIAN: But, Robin, dear... ROBIN HOOD: It's asking a lot, but who knows how long it'll be before Richard returns. Friar Tuck could marry us. Will you? MAID MARIAN: Because I love you, Robin, I'd come. Even the danger would mean nothing if you were with me. ROBIN HOOD: Then you will? MAID MARIAN: No. Listen to me, darling. You remember that day in Sherwood Forest? I realized then for the first time that what you were doing was right and that we were wrong. No, let me finish. You taught me England is bigger than Normans and Saxons fighting and hating each other. That it belongs to all of us, to live peacefully together loyal only to Richard and to England. ROBIN HOOD: But, darling, you could help. MAID MARIAN: I could help much more by watching for treachery here and leaving you free to protect Richard's people until he returns. Now do you see why you have to go back to your men alone?
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