It's now or never | An Affair to Remember

video from 1957 movie with Cary Grant as Nickie Ferrante and Deborah Kerr as Terry McKay Quotes with pictures If you say "A penny for your thoughts" I'll jump overboard. NICKIE FERRANTE: Well. Tomorrow morning: New York.
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TERRY MCKAY: Yes. NICKIE FERRANTE: Will he be waiting? TERRY MCKAY: Will she? NICKIE FERRANTE: Oh, yes. TERRY MCKAY: What makes life so difficult? NICKIE FERRANTE: People? Are you in love with himAre you in love with him? TERRY MCKAY: I'm not now. NICKIE FERRANTE: You know, I've never done a day's work in my whole life. TERRY MCKAY: I know. I've been thinking about that. What'd you say? NICKIE FERRANTE: I didn't say anything. TERRY MCKAY: Yes, you did. NICKIE FERRANTE: What? TERRY MCKAY: You said I was very fond of expensive things, furs and diamonds and stuff like that. NICKIE FERRANTE: Did I say that? TERRY MCKAY: Pink champagne. That's the kind of life we've both been used toThat's the kind of life we've both been used to. It might be a little difficult to... Do you like beer? NICKIE FERRANTE: Different. TERRY MCKAY: My father drank beer. In the morning. NICKIE FERRANTE: He was a beer drinker? TERRY MCKAY: Later in the day, he drank anything. Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories. We've already missed the spring. NICKIE FERRANTE: Yes. This is probably my last chance. TERRY MCKAY: Mine too. NICKIE FERRANTE: It's now or neverIt's now or never. TERRY MCKAY: Never is a frightening word. NICKIE FERRANTE: We'd be fools to let happiness pass us by. TERRY MCKAY: And just because you haven't... NICKIE FERRANTE: Worked? Doesn't mean to say I couldn't. No, of course not. Suppose I... It'll take some time, say six months, to find out if... TERRY MCKAY: If? If what? NICKIE FERRANTE: Well, just suppose... TERRY MCKAY: Now, be realistic. NICKIE FERRANTE: All right. If I worked hard enough and long enough, say for six months, where would you be? TERRY MCKAY: What are you trying to say, Nickie? NICKIE FERRANTE: I just want to be worthy of asking you to marry meI just want to be worthy of asking you to marry me. TERRY MCKAY: Nickie, that's just about the nicest... Your voice cracked. NICKIE FERRANTE: That's because I... TERRY MCKAY: Yes, I know. I'm going to turn in now. Do some more rolling and tossing and thinking about it. Let me tell you in the morning. NICKIE FERRANTE: It's going to be a long night. TERRY MCKAY: For me too. NICKIE FERRANTE: Goodbye, Terry. TERRY MCKAY: Goodbye, Nickie. NICKIE FERRANTE: You know, I painted you like that, with the shawl. I wish you could have seen it. Courbet said it was one of my best. I didn't think I could ever part with it, but there was no reason to keep it any longer. I couldn't take money for it because, well, you know... So Courbet told me a young woman came into the gallery and... she liked it. She saw in it what I'd hoped you'd see, so... I told Courbet to give it to her. Because he said she didn't have any money, and not only that, she was... She was... Anyway, I told him to give it to her. Courbet said she wanted it so badly and... So I told him to give it to her. It's the Christmas season and all that. And you know me, holly in my heart. TERRY MCKAY: Darling, don't look at me like that. NICKIE FERRANTE: Why didn't you tell me? If it had to happen to one of us, why did it have to be you? TERRY MCKAY: It was nobody's fault but my own. I was looking up. It was the nearest thing to heaven. You were there. Oh, darling. Don't worry, darling. If you can paint, I can walk. Anything can happen, don't you think? NICKIE FERRANTE: Yes, darling. See also An Affair to Remember video song