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with Diane Keaton as Leah and Michael Douglas as Oren Little from 2014 movie directed by Rob Reiner, written by Mark Andrus Quotes and pictures LEAH: I don't understand why I have to talk between songs. OREN LITTLE: Because people want to get to know youpeople want to get to know you. LEAH: People don't really... OREN LITTLE: And the more they know you the more they like you. LEAH: You think? OREN LITTLE: Absolutely. I like you. And I don't like anybodyI don't like anybody. LEAH: Oh, I see. Is this one of your backhanded compliments. OREN LITTLE: Take it however you want. I'm just stating a fact. LEAH: Yeah? OREN LITTLE: And I love your songs. It wouldn't kill your act to throw LEAH: Okay. Anything else? OREN LITTLE: Well, since you bring it up. You're a very attractive woman. But some of your outfits they just don't do you justice. LEAH: Besides my song selection, my patter and my physical appearance. You like the act? OREN LITTLE: I love it. LEAH: I'm just getting eaten alive here. Would you like to... I got an idea. Why don't you come inside. OREN LITTLE: Sure. LEAH: Okay. OREN LITTLE: You know, it doesn't always have to be about you as part of a couple. LEAH: What? OREN LITTLE: When you talk to the audience, you should talk about yourself as an individual. LEAH: Oh, God, yeah. As an individual, I'm not that interestingAs an individual, I'm not that interesting. OREN LITTLE: You're interesting to me. LEAH: Would you like something to drink? OREN LITTLE: Thirst quenching type of drink or a leading to something kind of drink? LEAH: Would you like a glass of wine? OREN LITTLE: Sure. LEAH: Okay. Honestly, I don't think an audience wants to hear me talk about my life. OREN LITTLE: Sure they would. Tell me something about yourself that I would be surprised to hearTell me something about yourself that I would be surprised to hear. LEAH: Okay, well, I used to collect antique lipstick cases. OREN LITTLE: What else you got? LEAH: See. I told you. OREN LITTLE: I mean, tell me about your first crush. LEAH: No, wait. Are you asking me as you, or are you asking me... OREN LITTLE: I'm just asking about your first crush. LEAH: Okay, all right. You really want to hear it? Okay, I was in 7th grade and I was at Amy Robinson's party and there was this boy, Bobby Zaden who was a total jerk. But he asked me to dance. And I don't know what happened. It was like a switch flipped and then suddenly I'm looking into these gorgeous blue eyes and we were dancing. And yeah, stepping on my feet but I didn't care because I was in loveI didn't care because I was in love. OREN LITTLE: You see that... LEAH: Yeah? OREN LITTLE: You see that is really that is interestingYou see that is really that is interesting. LEAH: Are we really doing this? OREN LITTLE: I thought I was but if you don't want to... LEAH: Well, no, it's not really that. It's just I mean, I don't it's been awhile for me. OREN LITTLE: I know, it's been awhile for me too. LEAH: Oh, is that because of your ACL? OREN LITTLE: Yeah, it was totally rehabbed I might add. LEAH: That's good. OREN LITTLE: I just think it's important that we don't think of this as anything more than what it is. LEAH: Well, what is it? OREN LITTLE: Well, we're both adults, we can separate this from attachment. LEAH: Yeah, I don't know about that. OREN LITTLE: Come on. Sure, we're animals. We are animals. It's like a basic need. It's like water or food. You know what I'm talking about. LEAH: Are you... Whoa! Okay, of all the starts that two people have every started, including teenagers and monkeys, this is possibly the worst start, what I consider a potentially intimate relationship. OREN LITTLE: Come on, it's not that bad, is it? LEAH: Oh, really? I had a dog once, that wouldn't leave my crotch alone and it was more romantic than this. It was way more romantic... oh, boy. It's... Better. Better. Yeah, okay. LEAH (SINGING): I will be remembering the shadow of your smileI will be remembering the shadow of your smile. LEAH: Every time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. OREN LITTLE: So I notice the crying has got back into the act. LEAH: Well, at least I almost got through the song. I thought you were going to leave without saying goodbye. OREN LITTLE: Well, I did try, but it didn't feel right. LEAH: How human you're becoming, Oren. OREN LITTLE: Not as human as you might think. I had no problem with the not saying goodbye part. You know, but a few miles outside of town I discovered that I had a big problem with the leaving part. LEAH: Why might that be? OREN LITTLE: I think you got some idea. LEAH: If it's what I think it is, you're gonna have to say it. OREN LITTLE: I couldn't live next door to you as a friend. I don't want to be your friend. I don't want to be in your good graces. I want to be with you. Would you like a ride home? LEAH: Yes. Of course you know if we do this you have to spend the whole night. OREN LITTLE: Really? LEAH: Every night. OREN LITTLE: Oh geez, I should have thought this whole thing through.

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