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with Robert Redford as Paul Bratter and Jane Fonda as Corie Bratter Quotes Going where it says keep off the grass / Isn't recommended for the very old, / But when you're young and you're in love / The world is beautiful / And I'm not a bit afraid of you catching cold. / Running barefoot through the park, / Searching bareheaded in the rain, / For a midwinter daisy / Seems kind of crazy to do, / But come along, my barefoot love / To the fields that shine with spring. CORIE: You have absolutely no sense of the ridiculous. Grace Kelly as FRANCES STEVENS: As quickly as you couldJane Fonda as CORIE: Like last Thursday night, you wouldn't walk barefoot with me in Washington Square Park. Why not? Robert Redford as PAUL BRATTER: Simple answer, it was 17 degreesRobert Redford as PAUL BRATTER: Simple answer, it was 17 degrees. CORIE: Exactly. It's very logical, it's very sensible, and it's no fun. CORIE: Just now. It's suddenly become very clear to me that you and I have absolutely nothing in common. PAUL BRATTER: Because I won't go walking barefoot in the park? CORIE: Is a lousy, stinking drunk, and I love him. PAUL BRATTER: I love you, too, Corie. PAUL BRATTER: Corie, it's the Plaza. CORIE BRATTER: Wait a minute. I'm not finished. PAUL: Corie, the man is waiting. CORIE: Give him a big tip. Paul, tell me you're not sorry we got married. PAUL BRATTER: After 40 minutes? Let's give it a couple of hours first. CORIE: If the honeymoon doesn't work out, let's not get divorced. Let's kill each other. PAUL BRATTER: Let's have a maid do it. I hear the service here's wonderful.

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