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from 1982 movie with Goldie Hawn as Paula McCullen and Burt Reynolds as Richard Babson.
Remember when I was in school... I always thought of you as my best friend even though you were two grades behind me.
Richard Babson: Living with you just says that you're my lover and my friend. It doesn't state you're the woman I intend to spend the rest of my life with.
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Paula McCullen: I'm going to tell Larry we can't do it.
Richard Babson: Come on. It's one stinking scene.
Paula McCullen: We've been here since 11:00 this morning. We're not going to do it.
Richard Babson: You want to quit?
Paula McCullen: Quit? I'm not the one riding the bike. God. I can't stand this. I'm going crazy. I'm really going to go crazy in here.
Richard Babson: You want me to tell him we can't write two lousy pages? I'll tell him. Larry, we can't write two lousy pages! There. You feel better?
Paula McCullen: All of a sudden you know just what to say. You've got all the words to put together now.
Richard Babson: What's that supposed to mean?
Paula McCullen: That for the last 14 hours you have not contributed one thing to this scene!
Richard Babson: I see. This is what you wrote. You like that? You wrote this, too. Isn't that great? Are you proud of what you wrote? Isn't this nice stuff that you wrote here? You like it?
Paula McCullen: Yes, I like it.
Richard Babson: Do you want it framed?
Paula McCullen: Let me tell you one thing, you little shit! I'm better than you are.
Richard Babson: What?
Paula McCullen: Any day. It's locked. Did you think he's stupid enough to lock us in here?

Paula McCullen: I need air.
Richard Babson: She doesn't understand the word "locked." Air? You want air? I'll give you air! Here. There's air! Come here. Stick your snout out there! Are you getting any air? I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Paula. Let's not go through any more pain. We'll file for divorce in the morning.
Paula McCullen: Do you know what the worst part is? It's that right now I need to go and tell my best friend all my problems but you're my best friend, and I'm losing you.
Richard Babson: You're not losing me.I'll always be your best friend.
Paula McCullen: But that's not who I wanted to marry. When you get married you're supposed to have romance and passion and all that. We didn't have any.
Richard Babson: Yes, we did. We had it all.
Paula McCullen: Then why couldn't we just have left it alone?
Richard Babson: Because I loved you so much... I wanted to say it to the whole world. You didn't want to marry your best friend. I did. We had it all, Paula.
Paula McCullen: That could have been the best exit line of your life. I know. I forgot it was locked.
Richard Babson: I guess you're stuck with me. I said the perfect...
Paula McCullen: I know.
Richard Babson: Then I went to the door.
Paula McCullen: I know.
Richard Babson: Did you hear what I said?
Paula McCullen: I did. Every word.
Richard Babson: I said I loved you.
Paula McCullen: I love you, too.
Richard Babson: I wasn't going to leave. I was gonna go somewhere and call you.
Paula McCullen: I know. I have a wonderful idea.
Richard Babson: What?
Paula McCullen: How would you like to make love to a married woman?
Richard Babson: Maybe.
Paula McCullen: Come on. Why don't you try? I'm told we're great.
Richard Babson: I'll do my best.
    Burt Reynolds as Richard Babson
Burt Reynolds as Richard Babson

Best Friends
Best Friends picture from 1982 movie

Goldie Hawn as Paula McCullen
Goldie Hawn as Paula McCullen