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for movie with Fredric March as Al Stephenson (a banker who served as sergeant in the Pacific during WWII) and Myrna Loy as Milly Stephenson (Al's loving and devoted wife).


MILLY: What do you think of the children? AL STEPHENSON: The children? I don't recognize them. They've grown so oldThey've grown so old. MILLY: I tried to stop them. To keep them just as they were when you left, but they got away from me. AL STEPHENSON: I guess Peggy has a lot of boyfriends. MILLY: She's very popular. AL STEPHENSON: Is she concentrating on anyone particular? MILLY: She hasn't told me of anyone. AL STEPHENSON: But you've told her all the things she ought to know? MILLY: What, for instance? AL STEPHENSON: Well, have you? MILLY: She's worked two years in a hospital. She knows more than you or I ever willShe knows more than you or I ever will. AL STEPHENSON: Cigarette? MILLY: Have you forgotten, Al? I don't smoke. AL STEPHENSON: Sorry. MILLY: It's all right, darling. AL STEPHENSON: It's frightening. MILLY: What is? AL STEPHENSON: Youth. MILLY: Didn't you run across any young people in the Army? AL STEPHENSON: No, they were all old men like me. MILLY: Yes. It's terrible to be old, isn't it? Why don't you sit down and relax? AL STEPHENSON: I'm perfectly relaxed standing up. Is there such a thing as a drink in this house? MILLY: I'll see.


Brief notes

American Film Institute included the film as #11 in its 2006 100 Years 100 Cheers America's Most Inspiring Movies and as #37 in its 1998 AFI's 100 Years 100 Movies 100 Greatest Movies.
The film won nine Academy Awards: eight regular awards - Best Picture, Best Director (William Wyler), Best Actor (Fredric March), Best Supporting Actor (Harold Russell), Best Film Editing (Daniel Mandell), Best Adapted Screenplay (Robert E. Sherwood), and Best Original Score (Hugo Friedhofer); in addition, a special academy award was given to Russell "for bringing hope and courage to his fellow veterans through his appearance" in the film and Samuel Goldwyn was given the Irving Thalberg Award. The film quickly became a great commercial success upon release. It became the highest-grossing film in both the United States and UK since the release of Gone with the Wind which was released seven years earlier. It remains the sixth most-attended film of all time in the UK, with over 20 million tickets sold. The first Best Picture Oscar winner to also win an Academy Award for its score, which was in the category of Best Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture. In 1992, Russell sold his Best Supporting Actor statuette at auction for $60,500 to pay his wife's medical bills.
In 1989 (the first year of inductions), the National Film Registry selected it for preservation in the United States Library of Congress as "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".
Myrna Loy was only 13 years older than Teresa Wright, who plays her daughter.

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