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with Sophia Loren as Rose Bianco and Anthony Quinn as Frank Valente from 1958 movie directed by Martin Ritt, screenplay by Joseph Stefano Quotes and pictures ROSE BIANCO: A dream comes true, you don't feel sorryA dream comes true, you don't feel sorry. FRANK VALENTE: You're going to kill your eyes in that light. Oh, I'm Frank. I'm the Gallos' friend. I'm eating some mint. Do you want some? ROSE BIANCO: I'm working. FRANK VALENTE: In that light? ROSE BIANCO: By now, I could do this in the cellar with the light out. FRANK VALENTE: You know, I'm glad you don't mind company while you work. When my cousin was in mourning for her husband, she wouldn't talk to nobody for over a year. I think she was afraid they'd see the relief in her face. ROSE BIANCO: That's what you see in my face? FRANK VALENTE: What's the matter? ROSE BIANCO: I don't hear insults inside. FRANK VALENTE: Who's insulting? I'm just getting some mint. ROSE BIANCO: Then get it and go in. Go back and laugh some more. FRANK VALENTE: Oh, you heard me laughing? All right, I'll go. Don't bother. I'll go. Gee, those flowers look realthose flowers look real. ROSE BIANCO: I thought you were going. FRANK VALENTE: Well, you said you didn't mind company. ROSE BIANCO: That's what you said. FRANK VALENTE: Well, just so it got said. What are you mad at? Hey, what's the matter? Hey, you afraid to laugh? ROSE BIANCO: You. I nearly had a heart attack. FRANK VALENTE: I'm sorry. I only rang the bell. ROSE BIANCO: All the bad news of my life came when the bell rang at night. What do you want? FRANK VALENTE: Nothing. Just Giulia sent some dinner. Hey, this is a nice place. ROSE BIANCO: What are you doing in here? I hardly know you. FRANK VALENTE: Sure you hardly know me. You no sooner start getting warm, you start yelling. ROSE BIANCO: Why are you bothering me like this? FRANK VALENTE: Because I like you. Hey. Hey, you still making flowers? ROSE BIANCO: Yes, now go home. FRANK VALENTE: You know, it strikes me funny. ROSE BIANCO: What's so funny? FRANK VALENTE: You making flowers at night. You know, even God don't make flowers at nightYou know, even God don't make flowers at night. ROSE BIANCO: To make money, people do a lot of things God don't do. FRANK VALENTE: Hey, look at that. Orange blossoms. Hey, these are nice. You know, Mary, that's my only child, she's getting married. ROSE BIANCO: Yeah, Giulia told me. FRANK VALENTE: Oh, yeah? Yeah. I'm having a tuxedo made to walk her up the aisle. Of course, I'll probably never wear it again, but I figure a man should have a tuxedo hanging in the closet. That way, the moths have more respect for him. ROSE BIANCO: You know, in my town in Italy, men who laughed like you were always the ones with a dozen kids. FRANK VALENTE: Yeah? Well, after Mary was born, my wife, she got sick. You're right. I should have had a lot more, at least a boy. By now, the house would be a noise factory with him running in and out. ROSE BIANCO: I got a boy. FRANK VALENTE: All right. We'll have cherry vanilla for both of us? You want something on it? Maybe hot fudge or something? ROSE BIANCO: No, just plain. FRANK VALENTE: Just plain for the lady. Hey, put a lot of jimmies on mine, though. I mean, whipped cream, marshmallows, the works. ROSE BIANCO: It would be nice starting again, you could maybe not make the same mistakesIt would be nice starting again, you could maybe not make the same mistakes. FRANK VALENTE: Hey. You know, I bet if those people at the farm knew that Ralphie had a nice house to come home to, you know, in the country, like... Well, like Summerville... FRANK VALENTE: You know, Rose, that... That one little house could make the three of us, kind of... I don't know... get ahold of life again. ROSE BIANCO: You mean this, Frank? FRANK VALENTE: I'm saying it. You know, Rose, you would do me a great honor. Hey, I'll tell you what. Sunday, we'll go to the farm, and I'll ask Ralphie for your hand. Maybe you'd like to wait. You know, after all, we... we hardly know each other. Gee, the way I'm rushing you, you'd think somebody was chasing me. I'm sorry, Rose. I mean, if you're not sure... ROSE BIANCO: I'm sure, Frank. I'm sure. FRANK VALENTE: You... You are? ROSE BIANCO: What... FRANK VALENTE: Hey, well. Well, Sunday we'll tell Ralphie. Monday morning, City Hall License Bureau. Rose. Hey. Did I order that? ROSE BIANCO: Yeah, you did. FRANK VALENTE: You'd better eat it. ROSE BIANCO: Oh, no, no. I can't eat it. FRANK VALENTE: There, you see how special you are? I serve you coffee in the parlor. Oh, excuse me. Hey, Rose. You know, when I used to see you... I mean, when I used to go to the Gallos, and I used to see you, you know what I used to call you? ROSE BIANCO: Yes. FRANK VALENTE: How do you know? ROSE BIANCO: Giulia. FRANK VALENTE: No. You know, still you shouldn't dress in mourning all the time. You know, you could be a yellow orchid, maybe a pinkyou could be a yellow orchid, maybe a pink. Hey. A red one. ROSE BIANCO: But I got a lot of pretty colors. Oh, yes. Every week, I used to buy a new dress to go dancing and, oh, you know. FRANK VALENTE: Hey, you like to dance? ROSE BIANCO: Oh, yes, I do. FRANK VALENTE: Yeah? I used to be one of the best dancers in the neighborhood. ROSE BIANCO: Oh, you're joking. FRANK VALENTE: No, honest. Honest. I'll show you. Here, you think I'm kidding? ROSE BIANCO: Ah, it feels good? FRANK VALENTE: What's the matter? ROSE BIANCO: This is the first thing I see about you that's old-fashioned. FRANK VALENTE: What do you mean, "old-fashioned"? You want me to get fancy? ROSE BIANCO: But you don't know how to move. Oh, really. FRANK VALENTE: What's the matter with that? ROSE BIANCO: Ay, ay, ay. No, no. I'll show you how to dance right. FRANK VALENTE: Oh, you're going to show me? ROSE BIANCO: Yes. FRANK VALENTE: All right. Whoa, wait. I lead. ROSE BIANCO: No, no, no. Just till you learn. FRANK VALENTE: All right, all right. ROSE BIANCO: Go on, turn around! Now grab my hand! FRANK VALENTE: What are you doing? ROSE BIANCO: Now spin me! Now, turn around. Turn around. FRANK VALENTE: You're getting kind of fancy. I'm getting dizzy. ROSE BIANCO: Me too.
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