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from 1981 movie with William Hurt as Ned Racine and Kathleen Turner as Matty Walker.
Ned Racine: You can stand here with me, but you must agree not to speak of the heat.
Matty Walker: I'm a married woman.
Ned Racine: Meaning what?
Matty Walker: Meaning I'm not looking for company.
Ned Racine: Should've said, "a happily married woman."
Matty Walker: That's my business.
Ned Racine: What?
Matty Walker: How happy I am.
Ned Racine: And how happy is that?
Matty Walker: Not too smart, are you? I like that in a man.
Ned Racine: What else do you like? Lazy? Ugly? Horny? I've got them all.
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Matty Walker: You don't look lazy. Tell me, does chat like this work with most women?
Ned Racine: If they haven't been around much.
Matty Walker: I wondered. I thought maybe I was out of touch.
Ned Racine: Can I buy you a drink?
Matty Walker: I told you, I've got a husband.
Ned Racine: I'll buy him one too.
Matty Walker: He's out of town.
Ned Racine: My favorite kind. We'll drink to him.
Matty Walker: He only comes up on weekends.
Ned Racine: I'm liking him better all the time.

Matty Walker: Look who's here. isn't this a coincidence.
Ned Racine: I know you.
Matty Walker: You're the one who hates talking about heat. Too bad. I'd talk about chimes.
Ned Racine: What about them?
Matty Walker: The wind chimes on my porch. They keep ringing and I go out, expecting a cool breeze. That's what they always mean. But not this year. This year it's just hot air.
Ned Racine: Do I remind you of hot air? Bourbon, any kind, on the rocks. Do you want another?
Matty Walker: What are you doing in Pinehaven?
Ned Racine: I'm no yokel. I was all the way to Miami once.
Matty Walker: Some men, once they get a whiff of it, they trail you like a hound.
Ned Racine: I'm not that eager.
Matty Walker: What's your name, anyway?
Ned Racine: Ned Racine.
Matty Walker: Matty Walker.
Ned Racine: You all right?
Matty Walker: Yes, I'm fine. My temperature runs a couple of degrees high, around 100. I don't mind. it's the engine or something.
Ned Racine: Maybe you need a tune-up.
Matty Walker: Don't tell me. You have just the right tool.
Ned Racine: I don't talk like that.
Matty Walker: How did you find me, Ned?
Ned Racine: This is the only joint in Pinehaven.
Matty Walker: You shouldn't have come. You're going to be disappointed.

Matty Walker: Thank you. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have let you come.
Ned Racine: You're not so tough after all.
Matty Walker: No, I'm weak.
Ned Racine: It's so bright.
Matty Walker: Please, Ned! Do it!

Ned Racine: I like this place. It's got a nice feel.
Matty Walker: You were on top.
Ned Racine: Could use a better mattress. See to it, will you?
Matty Walker: Yes, sir.
Ned Racine: Give me a break here. It takes a little while.
Matty Walker: It's your own fault. I never wanted it like this before. It throws everything else out of whack.
Ned Racine: It takes me a good 30 seconds.
Matty Walker: Are you sure? I just want to be sure.

Ned Racine: You all right?
Matty Walker: Don't stop.
Ned Racine: You are killing me. I'm red, I'm sore.
Matty Walker: You're sore? You've got nerve.
Ned Racine: Look at it. It's about to fall off.
Matty Walker: Is there any more ice? I'm burning up. He's coming up tomorrow. I can't stand the thought of him. He's small and mean and weak.

Ned Racine: If you leave him, you'll do all right.
Matty Walker: A divorce?
Ned Racine: Yeah, he's ripe.
Matty Walker: No. I signed a prenuptial agreement.
Ned Racine: What?
Matty Walker: He insisted. He blamed it on his sister, Roz. She hates me, but he wanted it too.
Ned Racine: How is it?
Matty Walker: It's bad. I get some money for a year, not much. That's it. Does it matter, Ned? Tell me the truth, please.
Ned Racine: The truth! I wish you were going to be loaded. Does it matter? No.
Matty Walker: God, you make me happy!
    William Hurt as Ned Racine
William Hurt as Ned Racine

Picture from Body Heat (1981) movie
Picture from Body Heat (1981) movie

Kathleen Turner as Matty Walker
Kathleen Turner as Matty Walker