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with Clint Eastwood as Robert Kincaid and Meryl Streep as Francesca Johnson from 1995 movie based on novel with the same name by Robert James Waller, one of the bestselling books of the 20th century, with 50 million copies sold worldwide
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Quotes FRANCESCA JOHNSON: Did you sleep well? ROBERT KINCAID: Thanks. FRANCESCA JOHNSON: Good. More coffee? ROBERT KINCAID: Sure. FRANCESCA JOHNSON: I hope you don't mind my asking, but I feel I should. ROBERT KINCAID: What? FRANCESCA JOHNSON: These women friends of yours all over the world, how does it work? Do you see some of them again, or do you forget others? Or do you write to some of them now and then? How do you manage it? ROBERT KINCAID: What do you mean? FRANCESCA JOHNSON: I just need to know the procedure, so I don't upset your routine. Want some jam? ROBERT KINCAID: What are you talking about? There's no routine. Is that what you think this is? FRANCESCA JOHNSON: Well, what is this? ROBERT KINCAID: Is it up to me? You're married with no intent to leave your husband. FRANCESCA JOHNSON: To do what? Go off with someone who needs everyone, but no one in particular? What would be the point? Pass the butter, please. ROBERT KINCAID: I was honest with you. FRANCESCA JOHNSON: Yes. Absolutely! You have this habit of not needing, and that's very hard to break. In that case, why sleep? You don't need rest. Why eat? You don't need food. ROBERT KINCAID: What're you doing? FRANCESCA JOHNSON: I'm not cut out to be a world citizen who experiences everything and nothing in the same time. ROBERT KINCAID: How do you know what I experience? FRANCESCA JOHNSON: I know you. What can this possibly mean to someone who doesn't need meaning who just goes with the mystery, pretending he's not scared to death? ROBERT KINCAID: Let's stop this right now! FRANCESCA JOHNSON: After you leave, I'll have to sit here all my life and wonder what happened to me, if anything happened at all. I'll have to wonder if you're in some housewife's kitchen in Romania somewhere telling her of your world of good friends, including me in that group. ROBERT KINCAID: What do you want me to say? FRANCESCA JOHNSON: I don't want you to say anything. I don't need you to say anything. ROBERT KINCAID: I want you to stop this right now. FRANCESCA JOHNSON: Fine. More eggs or shall we fuck on the linoleum one last time? ROBERT KINCAID: I won't apologize for who I am. FRANCESCA JOHNSON: No one asked you to. ROBERT KINCAID: I won't feel like I did anything wrong. FRANCESCA JOHNSON: You won't feel, period! You've carved yourself a part in the world as a voyeur a hermit, a lover when you feel like it. The rest of us are supposed to feel grateful for this. Go to hell! It isn't human not to be lonely and afraid! You're a hypocrite and a phony! ROBERT KINCAID: I don't want to need you. FRANCESCA JOHNSON: Why? ROBERT KINCAID: Because I can't have you. FRANCESCA JOHNSON: What difference does that make? Don't you see? Robert, don't you see? I just have to know the truth. I have to know the truth, because if I don't, I'll go crazy. So just tell me, either way. I can't act like this is enough because it has to be. And I can't pretend not to feel what I feel because it's over tomorrow. ROBERT KINCAID: If I've done anything to make you think that what we have between us is nothing new for me, is just some routine, then I do apologize. FRANCESCA JOHNSON: What makes it different, Robert? ROBERT KINCAID: When I think of why I make pictures the only reason I can come up with. It just seems that I've been making my way here. Seems right now, that all I've done in my life was making my way here to you. And if I think about leaving here tomorrow without you... FRANCESCA JOHNSON: Don't let go. My God, what are we going to do? ROBERT KINCAID: What about us? FRANCESCA JOHNSON: You have to know deep down the minute we leave here, everything will change. ROBERT KINCAID: Yeah, it could get better. FRANCESCA JOHNSON: No matter how much distance we put between ourselves and this house, I carry it with me. I feel it every minute we're together. And I will start to blame loving you for how much it hurts. And then, even these, even these four beautiful days will seem just like something sordid and a mistake. ROBERT KINCAID: Do you think that what happened with us just happens to anyone? What we feel for each other? We're hardly, hardly two separate people now. Some people search all their life and never find this. Others don't even think it exists. You're going to tell me this is the right thing to do? Giving it up? FRANCESCA JOHNSON: We are the choices that we have made, Robert. You don't understand. Don't you see? Nobody understands when a woman makes a choice to marry and have children in one way, her life begins, but in another way, it stops. You build a life of details and you just stop and stay steady so that your children can move. And when they leave they take your life of details with them. You're expected to move on, but you don't remember what moved you because no one's asked you in so long, not even yourself. But you never think. You never think love like this will happen to you. ROBERT KINCAID: But now that you have it...? FRANCESCA JOHNSON: Now I want to keep it forever. I want to love you the way I do now for the rest of my life but if we leave we lose it. And I can't make an entire life disappear to start a new one. All I can do is try to hold on to us somewhere inside of me. You have to help me. ROBERT KINCAID: Don't lose us. Don't throw us away. Maybe you feel this way. Maybe you don't. Maybe it's because you're in this house. Maybe tomorrow, when they come back, you'll feel differently. Don't you think that's possible? FRANCESCA JOHNSON: I don't know. ROBERT KINCAID: Look, I'm going to be here a few more days. We can talk later. We don't have to decide now. FRANCESCA JOHNSON: Robert, don't! Don't do this. ROBERT KINCAID: I don't want to say goodbye right now. We don't have to make that decision. Maybe you'll change your mind. Maybe we'll see each other and you'll change your mind. FRANCESCA JOHNSON: If that happens you have to decide because I can't. ROBERT KINCAID: I'll only say this once. I've never said it before. But this kind of certainty comes just once in a lifetime.

Comments An Epilogue to The Bridges of Madison County, A Thousand Country Roads was published by Robert James Waller in 2002. (Wikipedia)

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