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from 1978 movie with Jane Fonda as Sally Hyde and Jon Voight as Luke Martin. Quotes
Sally Hyde: Let's see. Wait a minute. What am I doing?
Luke Martin: What?
Sally Hyde: What am I lighting a fire for? It's the old Girl Scout instinct. Let's see. I've got a dip...
Luke Martin: Sit down, Bender. Sit down. Are you nervous?
Sally Hyde: Yes.
Luke Martin: Why are you nervous? This isn't "Have a Gimp Over for Dinner" Night, is it? You're not one of those weirdos?
Sally Hyde: No, I'm not, Luke.
Luke Martin: I know you're not. I'm just very happy to be here.
Sally Hyde: I'm glad you're here.
Luke Martin: How about some music?
Sally Hyde: Well I don't think you're gonna like my records very much.
Luke Martin: You probably won't like the way I dance either.
Sally Hyde: Well...
Luke Martin: Do you know that when I dream, I'm not in the chair? I don't even have a chair in my dream. I have legs. When I was a kid, I used to jump in my mother's kitchen and touch the ceiling. She used to get pissed off cos I'd leave my handprints on the ceiling. I still check the snow reports, the conditions at Mammoth. I'm still the same person, you know. It's funny. When people look at me, they see something else, but they don't see who I am.
Sally Hyde: I think people have a real hard time seeing who other people really are. People don't see me like I really am. People look at me, I think, and they see "Oh, cheery Sally, the captain's wife." Sometimes I feel like I'm becoming what people see.
Luke Martin: You know, I spend 95% of my time at the hospital thinking about making love with you.
Sally Hyde: I've never been unfaithful to my husband.
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Jane Fonda as Sally Hyde
Jane Fonda as Sally Hyde
  Coming Home
Coming Home picture from 1978 movie
  Jon Voight as Luke Martin
Jon Voight as Luke Martin
  Sally Hyde: I wanna spend the night with you.

Won 3 Oscars: best actor in a leading role - Jon Voight, best actress in a leading role - Jane Fonda, best writing, screenplay written directly for the screen - Nancy Dowd (story) Waldo Salt and Robert C. Jones (screenplay).