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with Greta Garbo as Countess Marie Walewska and Charles Boyer as Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte from 1937 movie directed by Clarence Brown, based on the novel Pani Walewska by Waclaw Gasiorowski.
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Quotes COUNTESS MARIE WALEWSKA: Are you ever alone? EMPEROR NAPOLEON BONAPARTE: With you, always. COUNTESS MARIE WALEWSKA: Now, here? EMPEROR NAPOLEON BONAPARTE: I see only your lovely faceI see only your lovely face, I hear nothing but the sound of your voice. COUNTESS MARIE WALEWSKA: Do you hear what I say?Do you hear what I say? EMPEROR NAPOLEON BONAPARTE: What you said? COUNTESS MARIE WALEWSKA: I love you. EMPEROR NAPOLEON BONAPARTE: Clearly. COUNTESS MARIE WALEWSKA: You stop loving me one day. EMPEROR NAPOLEON BONAPARTE: You spoke? I can't here you. You not eating! COUNTESS MARIE WALEWSKA: And you eating much too fast. EMPEROR NAPOLEON BONAPARTE: That's my mother always says. COUNTESS MARIE WALEWSKA: What your mother call you? EMPEROR NAPOLEON BONAPARTE: All sorts of names. But you never call me by my name, Marie. COUNTESS MARIE WALEWSKA: I believe address myself to history! What does your mother call you when she love you?What does your mother call you when she love you? EMPEROR NAPOLEON BONAPARTE: Napoleone. COUNTESS MARIE WALEWSKA: Napoleone. Are we really here on this table, in this room? Perhaps I am born a snowflake. You should pass in the night and I shall become nothing. EMPEROR NAPOLEON BONAPARTE: No, you are not a snowflake my dear. And you'll always have me. As I'm in love. Madly in love. Mad in love. Where are my boots? Where this scammer put my coat? COUNTESS MARIE WALEWSKA: They are right in front of you, Sire. EMPEROR NAPOLEON BONAPARTE: Ah, here it is. Marie? COUNTESS MARIE WALEWSKA: Yes, Napoleone. EMPEROR NAPOLEON BONAPARTE: I am very happy. Are you? COUNTESS MARIE WALEWSKA: With a little encouragement, I can grow my love for youWith a little encouragement, I can grow my love for you. EMPEROR NAPOLEON BONAPARTE: So you're cool, yes? My dear, you gave me the only thing I lacked: a light heart. EMPEROR NAPOLEON BONAPARTE: I'm so happy that I could sing! COUNTESS MARIE WALEWSKA: Why not? EMPEROR NAPOLEON BONAPARTE: I am extremely cautious man for some respects. COUNTESS MARIE WALEWSKA: Dance, sire? EMPEROR NAPOLEON BONAPARTE: Certainly! COUNTESS MARIE WALEWSKA: Not very cautions of you. EMPEROR NAPOLEON BONAPARTE: I was told I have a natural talent for dancing. COUNTESS MARIE WALEWSKA: You have been lied. EMPEROR NAPOLEON BONAPARTE: Very well madame. Then I command you to instruct me. Nonsense! Do you know that the whole world is waiting to see me. COUNTESS MARIE WALEWSKA: Then you must learn to dance, Sire! EMPEROR NAPOLEON BONAPARTE: Wherever you want, madame.

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