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from 1967 movie directed and original screenplay by Charles Chaplin, with Sophia Loren as Natascha and Marlon Brando as Ogden Mears.
Charles Chaplin (as an old steward), his son Sydney Earle (as Ogden's lawyer friend Harvey) and his three eldest daughters - Geraldine, Josephine and Victoria - appeared in the film. A Countess from Hong Kong was filmed entirely at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, just outside London. The film's theme music "This Is My Song" written by Chaplin became a hit sung by Petula Clark.
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OGDEN MEARS: You're very quiet this evening. NATASCHA: Am I? I'm sorry. OGDEN MEARS: Don't apologize. I like quiet people. NATASCHA: They're either clever or dull. OGDEN MEARS: I would say you're one of the clever ones. NATASCHA: Thank you. I'd better keep silent. OGDEN MEARS: Well, whatever you do, it's very attractive. NATASCHA: Would you like to dance? OGDEN MEARS: No. I'd like to sit here and talk with you. NATASCHA: I regret I speak English so badly. OGDEN MEARS: You speak it beautifully. I understand you were born in Shanghai. NATASCHA: Yes. But my parents came from Russia. OGDEN MEARS: And now they've moved to Hong Kong? NATASCHA: My parents died in Shanghai when I was 13. OGDEN MEARS: Haven't you any brothers or sisters? NATASCHA: I was an only child. OGDEN MEARS: Thirteen, a little young to face the world. NATASCHA: We must all face it sooner or later. Some more sooner. OGDEN MEARS: How did you come to live in Hong Kong? NATASCHA: Well, there was another war, another revolution. So here we are. But let us talk of something more cheerful.
OGDEN MEARS: I beg your pardon. NATASCHA: Did I startle you? OGDEN MEARS: Who are you? NATASCHA: I'm Natascha. OGDEN MEARS: Oh, well, how do you do? NATASCHA: Are we alone? OGDEN MEARS: I don't know. Maybe there's somebody under the bed. NATASCHA: I'm sorry. OGDEN MEARS: What are you doing in that closet? NATASCHA: Well, sir, if you'll allow me, I'll explain everything. OGDEN MEARS: Go ahead. NATASCHA: I don't know whether you remember the Baroness, the Countess and me? OGDEN MEARS: Get to the point. NATASCHA: Then you fell asleep, so everyone left, but I came back to look for my handbag. OGDEN MEARS: Enough of that. Why are you hiding in that closet? NATASCHA: I've stowed away. OGDEN MEARS: You what? NATASCHA: I'm going to America. OGDEN MEARS: Are you crazy?
OGDEN MEARS: Where you going? NATASCHA: To the purser and give myself up. Oh, don't worry. I'll keep your spotless reputation out of it. I'll tell him I've been hiding in second class. OGDEN MEARS: Why this sudden change in attitude? NATASCHA: Why yours? OGDEN MEARS: You know why.

Natascha, a White Russian countess, stows away on a luxury liner at Hong Kong, determined to seek a new life in America.

Sophia Loren as Natascha
Sophia Loren as Natascha

A Countess from Hong Kong (1967)
A Countess from Hong Kong (1967)

Marlon Brando as Ogden Mears
Marlon Brando as Ogden Mears
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