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from 1939 movie with Humphrey Bogart as Michael O'Leary and Bette Davis as Judith Traherne. Quotes
Michael O'Leary: What shall I talk about, Miss Judith?
Judith Traherne: Anything. Just talk.
Michael O'Leary: It was a great show. I came to think you may not be wrong about Challenger.
Judith Traherne: Did you?
Michael O'Leary: I was scared, though.
Judith Traherne: Was I that bad?
Michael O'Leary: No, but something about the way you ride puts my heart in my mouth. You mind if I say something to you, Miss Judith?
Judith Traherne: Of course not. I asked you to talk, didn't I?
Michael O'Leary: I think you've been going too hard, night and day. You can't do that and keep on with your jumping horses. It's hard on you. I was hoping that maybe, in the state of mind you were in you wouldn't ride tonight. A silver cup isn't worth it.
Judith Traherne: I wanted that cup. I had to show the gentry I've still got what it takes.
Michael O'Leary: You sure have.
Judith Traherne: I told you to keep on talking, Michael.
Michael O'Leary: You know, you and I are kind of alike, Miss Judith.
Judith Traherne: Are we? How?
Michael O'Leary: You've the spirit in you the same as I have in me. It's the fighting that counts. You've got to have action in your life same as I do. We only live once, Miss Judith.
Judith Traherne: Just once. Tell me about you, Michael.
Michael O'Leary: Me?
Judith Traherne: Yes, you. As one human to another. We've always talked about horses.
Michael O'Leary: What's there to say?
Judith Traherne: Well, do you have a happy life, Michael?
Michael O'Leary: I guess I was born out of my time, Miss Judith. I should've lived in the days when it counted to be a man. The way I like to ride and the way I like to fight. What good's riding and fighting these days? What do they get you? What are you trying to do, burn us up?
Judith Traherne: Are you afraid to burn, Michael? Are you afraid to die?
Michael O'Leary: I wouldn't want to die while you're alive, Miss Judith.
Judith Traherne: You're making love to me. Aren't you?
Michael O'Leary: You invited me to talk to you as a man, didn't you?
Judith Traherne: Yes.
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Bette Davis as Judith Traherne
Bette Davis as Judith Traherne
  Humphrey Bogart as Michael O'Leary
Humphrey Bogart as Michael O'Leary
  Dark Victory
Dark Victory picture from 1939 movie
  Michael O'Leary: I'm as good as some of them that's been playing with you. They're all afraid of you. I've heard them talking. They'd go after you, but they're afraid. I wish to heaven I was in their boots.
Judith Traherne: What then, Michael?
Michael O'Leary: The nights I've laid awake thinking of you. The things I've wanted to say to you ever since I first laid eyes on you.