Mr Deeds Goes to Town | talk to a girl

from 1936 movie with Jean Arthur as Babe Bennett and Gary Cooper as Longfellow Deeds Quotes with pictures BABE BENNETT: You said something to me when you first met me I've thought about a great deal. LONGFELLOW DEEDS:
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What's that? BABE BENNETT: You said I was a lady in distressI was a lady in distress. LONGFELLOW DEEDS: Oh. That. BABE BENNETT: What did you mean by that? LONGFELLOW DEEDS: Nothing. Have you got a... Are you engaged or anything? BABE BENNETT: No. Are you? LONGFELLOW DEEDS: No. BABE BENNETT: You don't go out with girls very muchYou don't go out with girls very much, do you? MR DEEDS: I haven't. BABE BENNETT: Why not? MR DEEDS: Oh, I don't know. BABE BENNETT: You must've met a lot of society girls. Don't you like them? MR DEEDS: I haven't met anybody here that I like particularly. They all seem to have St. Vitus' Dance. Except you, of course. People here are funny. They work so hard at living, they forget how to live. Last night, after I left you, I was walking along and looking at the tall buildings and I got to thinkin' about what Thoreau said "They created a lot of grand palaces here but they forgot to create the noblemen to put in them." I'd rather have Mandrake Falls. BABE BENNETT: I'm from a small town too, you know. LONGFELLOW DEEDS: Really? BABE BENNETT: Probably as small as Mandrake Falls. LONGFELLOW DEEDS: What do you know about that! BABE BENNETT: It's a beautiful little town too. Grove poplar trees right along main street. Always smells as if it just had a bath. I've often thought about going back. LONGFELLOW DEEDS: You have? BABE BENNETT: Oh, yes. LONGFELLOW DEEDS: All my life I've wanted somebody to talk to. Back in Mandrake Falls, I used to always talk to a girlI used to always talk to a girl. BABE BENNETT: A girl? LONGFELLOW DEEDS: Only an imaginary one. I used to hike a lot through the woods, and I'd always take this girl with me so I could talk to her. I'd show her my pet trees and things. It sounds kind of silly, but we had a lot of fun doing itwe had a lot of fun doing it. She was beautiful. I haven't married, 'cause I've been kind of waiting. You know, my mother and father were a great couple. I thought I might have the same kind of luck. I've always hoped that someday that imaginary girl would turn out to be real. Well, here we are again. BABE BENNETT: Yes, here we are again. Good night. LONGFELLOW DEEDS: Good night. Excuse me. BABE BENNETT: Good-bye, darling. Don't let anybody hurt you again, ever. They can't anyway. You're much too real. You go back to Mandrake Falls. It's where you belong. Good-bye. LONGFELLOW DEEDS: You know the poem I told you about? It's finished. Would you like to read it? It's to you. BABE BENNETT: Yes. Of course. LONGFELLOW DEEDS: You don't have to say anything, Mary. You can tell me tomorrow what you think. "I tramped the Earth with hopeless feet, / Searching in vain for a glimpse of you. / Then heaven thrust you at my very feet, / A lovely angel, too lovely to woo. / My dream has been answered, but my life's just as bleak. / I'm handcuffed and speechless in your presence divine. / For my heart longs to cry out, if it only could speak, / I love you, my angel, be mine, be mine."
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