The French Lieutenant's Woman video

from 1981 movie with Meryl Streep as Sarah and Jeremy Irons as Charles Henry Smithson | Quotes
Are you saying that you never loved me?
Sarah: I could not say that.
Charles: But you must say that! You must say. I am totally evil. I used him as an instrument. I do not care that in all this time he hasn't seen a woman to compare with me that his life has been a desert without me that he sacrificed everything for me. Say it!
Sarah: No. No. Charles: Why did you ask me here? What do you want from me?
Sarah: I saw the newspaper advertisements...
Charles: You saw them? You read them, and you did nothing?
Sarah: I'd changed my name.
Charles: You ruined my life and took pleasure in doing so! Sarah: You misjudge me! It has taken me this time to find my own life! It has taken me this time to find... my freedom.
Charles: Freedom?!
Sarah: Yes.
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Why did you lie about the Frenchman?
Why did you lie about the Frenchman?
  A woman to compare
A woman to compare
  Charles: To make a mockery of love, of all human feeling? Is that what Exeter meant to you? One brief transaction of the flesh, just that? You planted a dagger in me and your "freedom" gives you licence to twist it in my heart?! Well, no more. Sarah: No!
Charles: Yes!
Sarah: Mr Smithson I called you here to ask your forgiveness.
Sarah: You loved me once. If you still love me, you can forgive me. I know... I know it is your perfect right to damn me. But if you do still love me...
Charles: Then I must... forgive you.