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from 1953 movie with Burt Lancaster as Sergeant Milton Warden and Deborah Kerr as Karen Holmes Quotes SERGEANT MILTON WARDEN: I have copies at the office, so it won't be much work to fix 'em up. KAREN HOLMES: That's
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what I like about you, Sergeant: you have confidence. It's also what I dislike about you. SERGEANT MILTON WARDEN: It's not confidence, ma'am; it's honesty. I just hate to see a beautiful woman going all to waste. KAREN HOLMES: Waste, did you say? There's a subject I might tell you something about. I know several kinds of waste, Sergeant. You're probably not even remotely aware of some of them. Would you like to hear? For instance, what about the house without a child? There's one sort for you. Then there's another... You're doing fine, Sergeant. My husband's off somewhere, and it's raining outside, and we're both drinking now. You've probably only got one thing wrong. The lady herself. The lady's not what she seems. She's a... washout, if you know what I mean... and I'm sure you know what I mean! SERGEANT MILTON WARDEN: You going to cry? KAREN HOLMES: Not if I can help it. What are you doing? Burt Lancaster as Sergeant Milton Warden: I'm leaving. Isn't that what you wantBurt Lancaster as Sergeant Milton Warden: I'm leaving. Isn't that what you want? Deborah Kerr as Karen Holmes: I don't knowDeborah Kerr as Karen Holmes: I don't know.
KAREN HOLMES: I never knew it could be like this! Nobody ever kissed me the way you do. SERGEANT MILTON WARDEN: Nobody? KAREN HOLMES: No, nobody. SERGEANT MILTON WARDEN: Not even one? Out of all the men you've been kissed by? KAREN HOLMES: Now that'd take some figuring. How many men do you think there've been? SERGEANT MILTON WARDEN: I wouldn't know. Can't you give me a rough estimate? KAREN HOLMES: Not without an adding machine. Do you have the adding machine with you? SERGEANT MILTON WARDEN: I forgot to bring it.