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from 1968 movie ranked no.41 by American Film Institute's 100 Passions of all time directed by William Wyler with Barbra Streisand as Fanny Brice and Omar Sharif as Nick Arnstein.
Fanny Brice: That's Henry Street. You're never alone. Everybody worries about everybody. It's my home. I love having people care about me.
Nick Arnstein: But I don't see how anyone could help caring about you.
Fanny Brice: Why, because I'm funny?
Nick Arnstein: Well, that's part of it.
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Fanny Brice: It's a funny thing. I've imagined you practically all over the world: Paris, London, the Delaware Water Gap. Everyplace. Everyplace except Henry Street. And here you are.
Nick Arnstein: You've imagined me?
Fanny Brice: Well, I mean, I thought about you a lot. Maybe it was your ruffled shirt. Anyway, you're like a character in a book to me. And I hadn't read many books, see? So that makes you kind of... I talk a lot, don't I?
Nick Arnstein: Yes. But it's one of the things I like best about you.
Fanny Brice: Boy, have you got good manners. It's your turn. Say something.
Nick Arnstein: All right. With all these people who care about you by the blockful and theatre-full doesn't it ever narrow down to just one special person?
Fanny Brice: You mean, like a boyfriend? I haven't had time. But don't get me wrong. I mean, I know a million guys. After all, I am in the theatre.
Nick Arnstein: Oh, yes.
Fanny Brice: Well, see, I've been very busy and... How about you? Hundreds of girls, huh?
Nick Arnstein: Oh, thousands!
Fanny Brice: All gorgeous.
Nick Arnstein: All gorgeous.
Fanny Brice: Tonight should be a nice change for you.
Nick Arnstein: It is.
Fanny Brice: Thousands. Wow!
Nick Arnstein: That way, I don't get too involved. I like to feel free.
Fanny Brice: You can get lonesome being that free.
Nick Arnstein: You can get lonesome being that busy.
Fanny Brice: Who would think to look at us that we got the same problem?
Nick Arnstein: Fanny, you're an enchanting girl. I wish I could get to know you better.
Fanny Brice: So give me six good reasons why not?
Nick Arnstein: Just one. I must catch a train for Kentucky early in the morning.
Fanny Brice: What's in Kentucky?
Nick Arnstein: A half interest in a little farm. I breed horses.
Fanny Brice: What's the matter, they can't do it alone? Hey, you all packed? So, what are you doing around here? It's late. I'll walk you to the car.
Nick Arnstein: I'll go say good night.
Fanny Brice: No, I'll say it for you.
Nick Arnstein: You know, if you weren't in a show I think I'd have asked you to come with me. Too bad, isn't it?
Fanny Brice: I don't know. What with the Follies and an indecent proposal it's been quite a night. It was indecent, wasn't it?
Nick Arnstein: Very.
Fanny Brice: Thank God. At least I can tell Mrs. Strakosh things are looking up.
Nick Arnstein: May I call you when I come back?
Fanny Brice: Sure. When's that?
Nick Arnstein: I don't know exactly. I may go right on to Europe or the Coast... You see, I never have definite plans. They make me feel too tied down. But I'll call you. Goodbye.
Barbra's Fanny Brice first conquered Broadway where she lost the Tony award to another irrepressible talent, Carol Channing, for "Hello Dolly!" She got her revenge of sorts years later when she won the coveted screen role of Dolly due strictly to her auspicious debut in "Funny Girl."
In 1975, Streisand reprised her role of Brice opposite James Caan as Brice's second husband, impresario Billy Rose, in a sequel entitled Funny Lady.
"Hello, gorgeous" are the first words uttered by Streisand in the film. After winning the Academy Award for Best Actress, Streisand's first comment when handed the Oscar statuette was "Hello, gorgeous."
    Barbra Streisand as Fanny Brice
Barbra Streisand as Fanny Brice

Picture from Funny Girl (1968)
Picture from Funny Girl (1968)

Omar Sharif as Nick Arnstein
Omar Sharif as Nick Arnstein