Gentlemen Prefer Blondes video quotes - thinking about doing something

from 1953 movie with Jane Russell as Dorothy Shaw and Elliott Reid as Ernie Malone
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Quotes DOROTHY SHAW: Do you remember last night? ERNIE MALONE: Very well. DOROTHY SHAW: I mean when we were talking about the moon. It reminded you of a moon in Coney Island. ERNIE MALONE: Could have been the same one. Why? DOROTHY SHAW: I remember I was wondering what a rich man like youI was wondering what a rich man like you were doing in Coney Island. ERNIE MALONE: Oh, well... DOROTHY SHAW: I rather thought you'd be in Bermuda or Palm Beach. Wonder if I should break that up. ERNIE MALONE: They're just dancing in publicThey're just dancing in public. Can't make much of a case of that. DOROTHY SHAW: You sound like a detective. ERNIE MALONE: Let's go find our moon and forget about your girlfriend. DOROTHY SHAW: I'd get in trouble if I pushed Piggie overboard. ERNIE MALONE: Not with me. Why blame Piggie? It's not all his fault. DOROTHY SHAW: No, I ... Just what did you mean by that remark? ERNIE MALONE: I can't figure out how two girls can be so different and be friends. DOROTHY SHAW: Let's get this straight. Nobody talks about Lorelei but me. She's quite a girl. You just don't know her. ERNIE MALONE: You don't mind if I like you betterYou don't mind if I like you better. do you? DOROTHY SHAW: We settled that quarrel in a hurry. ERNIE MALONE: Now what do we talk about? DOROTHY SHAW: Let's talk about you. ERNIE MALONE: For the past hour I've been thinking. Thinking about doing somethingThinking about doing something DOROTHY SHAW: What have you been thinking, Mr. Malone?
DOROTHY SHAW: I was wondering why you hadn't shown up before this. ERNIE MALONE: I had some business to attend to. DOROTHY SHAW: Then this isn't a vacation? ERNIE MALONE: Not entirely. There's still a telephone. In fact, I just had some bad news. DOROTHY SHAW: Oh? ERNIE MALONE: My best two-year-old will never run again. He's worth $40,000. It's not the money. This might've been good. DOROTHY SHAW: You're not one of those? ERNIE MALONE: One of what? DOROTHY SHAW: The kind who tells a girl about his money. ERNIE MALONE: What's wrong with money? DOROTHY SHAW: Yes, I'm afraid you are. Go whistle up a rope. ERNIE MALONE: Wait... DOROTHY SHAW: I can't stand rich playboys who think they... ERNIE MALONE: Now wait a minute! I'm not that bad all the time. Sometimes I'm very nice. Sometimes I speak without thinking. DOROTHY SHAW: So you're half sweet, half acid.
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