The Goodbye Girl video

from 1977 movie with Richard Dreyfuss as Elliot Garfield and Marsha Mason as Paula McFadden. Quotes
This is a sleeping child. Kiss her goodnight and come up to the roof for private party! Dress formal.
Paula McFadden: Elliot? Are you up here? Say something. I don't like this.
Elliot Garfield: I said it was formal, kid! Party's got to be over by 9:00 a.m. Otherwise, it's another $5 for the suit. Don't panic! Even Ginger was nervous the first time she danced with me.
Elliot Garfield (singing): How about you? I like a Gershwin tune. How about you? I like the fireplace when the lights are low. I like potato chips, moonlight and motor trips. How about you?
Elliot Garfield: What are you crying about?
Paula McFadden: So kill me... I'm a sucker for romance.
Elliot Garfield: Elliot Garfield is a many-faceted individual. I got a job. A real acting job.
Paula McFadden: You did? Where?
Elliot Garfield: The Inventory. It's an improvisational group on Charles St. They saw Richard III. They said if I could do that, I could do anything!
Paula McFadden: Don't let it rain.
Elliot Garfield: Don't worry about it. The suit's too big for me anyway. I auditioned for them today. It's improvisation, you understand. Now, very difficult but I auditioned with this very talented girl, Linda...
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Marsha Mason as Paula McFadden
Marsha Mason as Paula McFadden
  The Goodbye Girl
The Goodbye Girl picture from 1977 movie
  Richard Dreyfuss as Elliot Garfield
Richard Dreyfuss as Elliot Garfield
  Paula McFadden: Is she pretty?
Elliot Garfield: No, very unpretty. Very ugly. Unpug-nosed. I played Abraham Lincoln. Mary Todd Lincoln's out of town. General Grant takes me to a cathouse. We're all tryin' to act very dignified...
Paula McFadden: Don't stop, I never danced in the rain!