To Have and Have Not - I don't want you

with Humphrey Bogart as Harry 'Steve' Morgan and Lauren Bacall (her debut in cinema) as Marie 'Slim' Browning from 1944 movie
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Quotes HARRY 'STEVE' MORGAN: What do you wantWhat do you want? MARIE 'SLIM' BROWNING: I could use a match. Thanks. Now I need a cigarette. Here, I can do that. Come on, let me help. HARRY 'STEVE' MORGAN: When I get ready to take my shoes off, I'll take them off myself. MARIE 'SLIM' BROWNING: All right. Want something to eat? HARRY 'STEVE' MORGAN: No. MARIE 'SLIM' BROWNING: Just a little breakfast? HARRY 'STEVE' MORGAN: All I want to do is get some sleep. MARIE 'SLIM' BROWNING: It's a good idea, I can help you thereIt's a good idea, I can help you there. HARRY 'STEVE' MORGAN: Now where are you going? MARIE 'SLIM' BROWNING: I'm going to fix you a nice hot bath. It'll make you sleep better. HARRY 'STEVE' MORGAN: I don't want you to take my shoes offI don't want you to take my shoes off, I don't want you to get me breakfast, I don't want you to draw me a hot bath, I don't want you to...
MARIE 'SLIM' BROWNING: Isn't there anything I can do, Steve?
HARRY 'STEVE' MORGAN: Yes, get the...
MARIE 'SLIM' BROWNING: You know, Mr. Morgan, you don't make me angry when you say that. I don't think I'll ever be angry again at anything you say. How am I doing Steve, does it work the second time?
HARRY 'STEVE' MORGAN: It's a gYou've been wanting to do something for me, haven't you? Walk around me. Go ahead, walk around me, clear around. Did you find anything?
MARIE 'SLIM' BROWNING: No, Steve. There are no strings tied to you, not yet.

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