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from 1942 movie with Marjorie Reynolds as Linda Mason and Bing Crosby as Jim Hardy
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Quotes JIM HARDY: That's what you've found? You in show business? LINDA MASON: Oh... I'm Linda Mason. JIM HARDY: Who said Holiday Inn wouldn't workWho said Holiday Inn wouldn't work? We're gonna divvy up a stack of money tonight? LINDA MASON: I've got a landlady who's gonna ask for your autographed picture. JIM HARDY: Are you decent? LINDA MASON: Yes, come in. What's that? JIM HARDY: Well, I thought it over, and I believe our number would go better in blackface. LINDA MASON: Oh, I thought we were gonna do it like this. JIM HARDY: Well, that was before I thought it over. LINDA MASON: I'll look terrible in the stuff. JIM HARDY: No. LINDA MASON: I don't even know how to put it on. JIM HARDY: I'll put it on for you. I broke in as a bootblack, you know. Here we go. LINDA MASON: Oh! For a month and a half I've been dreamingFor a month and a half I've been dreaming how pretty I was going to look tonight. Well, here's my punishment for thinking so well of myself. JIM HARDY: Oh, you'll have plenty of times to be pretty. I was just going to ask you to be in the rest of the shows out hereI was just going to ask you to be in the rest of the shows out here. LINDA MASON: You were? JIM HARDY: Will you? LINDA MASON: Will I? Fifteen nights a year. Cinderella steps into her pumpkin coach and becomes queen of Holiday Inn. JIM HARDY: What's the matter? LINDA MASON: I wish I didn't have to work all the other days in the year to make these few possibleto make these few possible. JIM HARDY: Maybe a little later on when we start doing better, you can stay out here all the time. LINDA MASON: Did you hear what you just said? JIM HARDY: Yeah. LINDA MASON: Was it a proposal? JIM HARDY: Well, it will be when I get a few bucks in the bank. LINDA MASON: Well, you're a strange duck. You don't even give me a chance to say "darling" and throw my arms around you. JIM HARDY: You'd better save that till you see the bank book. LINDA MASON: Well, I guess I'm sort of engaged. JIM HARDY: Good night. LINDA MASON: Good night, Jim. You'd better get inside before you catch cold. You haven't got a coat. JIM HARDY: Well, I... LINDA MASON: Go on. JIM HARDY: I don't need a coat now.
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