Watch HouseSitter (1992) Trailer

for movie with Steve Martin as Newton Davis (a reserved architect) and Goldie Hawn as Gwen Phillips (a young woman with con-artist tendencies)


NEWTON DAVIS: I love you, Gwen. I wanna marry you. GWEN PHILLIPS: Is that it? NEWTON DAVIS: Well, yeah. GWEN PHILLIPS: Look, Davis, we're not right for each other. NEWTON DAVIS: What? GWEN PHILLIPS: I can see that now. I don't want you to feel bad about any of this. Goldie Hawn as Gwen PhillipsGoldie Hawn as Gwen Phillips: You were really kind of decent to me, most of the time. NEWTON DAVIS: I can change, Gwen. I can live in a make-believe world. Hell, I already was. Half the things we tell ourselves are fiction. Steve Martin as Newton DavisSteve Martin as Newton Davis: The only thing I know that's real is that I love you. GWEN PHILLIPS: I used to think that was enough too. NEWTON DAVIS: Isn't it? Wait! Don't you remember the time I had myself delivered to you in a box for your birthday? And how the guy I paid screwed up and delivered me to the wrong apartment? And how the lady who opened the box freaked out and started screaming? And I ran out just as you poked your head into the hall. The next thing I know, this one's bashing me for having an affair and this one's bashing me for being some kind of gift-wrapped pervert? All I had to protect myself was a dozen roses. And you never even read the note. BUS DRIVER: What did the note say? NEWTON DAVIS: I'll tell you what it said. It said... Marry me, Gwen. I'm lost without you.

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