The Lady Eve video

from 1941 movie with Henry Fonda as Charles 'Hopsie' Pike and Barbara Stanwyck as 'Jean' Lady Eve Sidwich. Quotes
Mountain greenery up and down ravines and around through vine-covered trails till we come to a spot where the scenery will be so gorgeous, it will rise up and smite me on the head like a hammer. And the sunset will be so beautiful, I'll have to get off my horse to admire it. And as I stand there against the glory of Mother Nature, my horse will steal up behind me and nuzzle my hair. And so will Charles, the heel. LADY EVE SIDWICH: Stop that! CHARLES PIKE: Must I?
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LADY EVE SIDWICH: Oh, sorry. I thought it was the horse. Henry Fonda as CHARLES PIKE quote: No, it was me. Eve?Henry Fonda as CHARLES PIKE quote: No, it was me. Eve? LADY EVE SIDWICH: Yes, Charles? CHARLES PIKE: I suppose you know what I'm thinking about. LADY EVE SIDWICH: Possibly I have an idea. CHARLES PIKE: The union of two people for life that is, marriage shouldn't be taken lightly. Barbara Stanwyck as LADY EVE SIDWICH quote: How wise you are!Barbara Stanwyck as LADY EVE SIDWICH quote: How wise you are! CHARLES PIKE: Men are more careful in choosing a tailor than they are in choosing a wife. LADY EVE SIDWICH: That's probably why they look so funny. CHARLES PIKE: No, they're more careful in choosing a tailor than in choosing a wife. LADY EVE SIDWICH: But not you, Charles. CHARLES PIKE: That's right. I think that if there's one time in your life to be careful, to weigh every pro and con, that this is the time. LADY EVE SIDWICH: Oh, yes, you can't be too careful. CHARLES PIKE: That's right. Now, you might think that having known you such a short time... LADY EVE SIDWICH: I feel I've known you always. CHARLES PIKE: That's the way I feel about you. I don't just see you here in front of the sunset, but you seem to go way back. I see you here and, at the same time, further away and still further away and way, way back in a long place like a... LADY EVE SIDWICH: Like a forest glade? CHARLES PIKE: That's right. How did you guess? LADY EVE SIDWICH: Because that's where I see you always. We held hands way, way back. CHARLES PIKE: That's remarkable. That's like telepathy. LADY EVE SIDWICH: I can read many of your thoughts. CHARLES PIKE: Well, then I need hardly tell you of the doubts I've had before I brought myself to speak like this. You see, Eve, you're so beautiful. You're so fine. You're so... I don't deserve you. LADY EVE SIDWICH: Oh, but you do, Charles. If anybody ever deserved me, you do... so richly.

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