Libeled Lady video quotes - girl like you

from 1936 movie with Jean Harlow as Gladys Benton and William Powell as Bill Chandler
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Quotes BILL CHANDLER: But to think that he'd do this to you. A beautiful girl who loves himA beautiful girl who loves him, who's doing everything in the world. Believe me, kid. You've put up with a lot. You know, you're one girl in a million. GLADYS BENTON: You don't know the tenth of it. You wouldn't believe what I've stood for. BILL CHANDLER: I know. GLADYS BENTON: The night I met him, he stood me up for two hours. For what? A woman in Jersey had quadruplets and it's been that way ever since. BILL CHANDLER: I know. It's tough. Fine, sensitive girl like you. GLADYS BENTON: That's love for youThat's love for you. The things I could tell you... BILL CHANDLER: I'd like to hear all about themI'd like to hear all about them. Let's have a bite to eat. GLADYS BENTON: You dance divinely. BILL CHANDLER: Thanks. There have been complaints. GLADYS BENTON: Then you must have been out with amateurs. BILL CHANDLER: I hope Warren won't mind our dancing like this. GLADYS BENTON: What? Him. BILL CHANDLER: After all, it's perfectly innocent, just fun. GLADYS BENTON: Sure. Certainly a girl can dance with her own husbandCertainly a girl can dance with her own husband and you are my husband. BILL CHANDLER: Yes, quite. Besides, this is our last night. GLADYS BENTON: What do you mean? BILL CHANDLER: If you're going to file suit tomorrow. I'll have to move out of here to prove that we're alienated. You know, I'm gonna miss you. GLADYS BENTON: I'll miss you, too. BILL CHANDLER: You're a swell kid, Gladys. GLADYS BENTON: You're not such a cluck yourself. BILL CHANDLER: I hate to see you get mixed up in that mess tomorrow. GLADYS BENTON: Look, you don't want me to file that suit, do you? BILL CHANDLER: No, I don't. For your own sake. GLADYS BENTON: Then I don't. I don't start anything until you tell me to. BILL CHANDLER: It'll mean a row with Warren. GLADYS BENTON: It won't be the first one. Let's dance some more. BILL CHANDLER: It's pretty late. Two o'clock. GLADYS BENTON: I could dance all night with my Billikins. BILL CHANDLER: My little fuzzy-wuzzy's got to get some sleep though. GLADYS BENTON: You're kind of cute when you say that. BILL CHANDLER: So I'm going to say good night, Mrs. Chandler. I'm off to get some air. GLADYS BENTON: Air? BILL CHANDLER: Yes, I haven't been able to sleep for the last two or three nights. Must be insomnia. GLADYS BENTON: I can fix that. My father used to have it. When he did, I'd rub his head with cologne, like that. I'll go get the cologne. BILL CHANDLER: It isn't that kind of insomnia. You know, different people respond to different things. Some people respond to rub-a-dub on the forehead. Others drop off to music. Now, me... I'm a horse's hoof man. GLADYS BENTON: A what? BILL CHANDLER: A horse's hoof man. That's what it takes to put me to sleep. The sound of a horse's hoof. Hoof, hoof. You know? Hoof, hoof.

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