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from 1979 movie ranked no.66 by American Film Institute's 100 Passions of all time with Diane Keaton as Mary Wilkie and Woody Allen as Isaac Davis.
According to Allen, the idea for Manhattan originated from his love of George Gershwin's music.
Allen has said that Manhattan was "like a mixture of what I was trying to do with Annie Hall and Interiors".
All titles of the soundtrack were compositions by George Gershwin. They were performed by the New York Philharmonic under Zubin Mehta (Rhapsody in Blue, Love is Sweeping the Country, Land of the Gay Caballero, Sweet and Low Down, I've Got a Crush on You, Do-Do-Do, 'S Wonderful, Oh, Lady Be Good!, Strike Up the Band, Embraceable You) and the Buffalo Philharmonic under Michael Tilson Thomas (Someone to Watch Over Me, He Loves and She Loves, But Not for Me). A part of the first movement of Mozart's Symphony No. 40 is heard in a concert scene.
Allen was named best director for Manhattan by the New York Film Critics Circle.
Manhattan also inspired the song "Remember Manhattan" written by Richard Marx and Fee Waybill from Marx's debut album.
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Isaac Davis: You see, to me a great movie is with WC Fields. That's what I like. Or Grand Illusion. That's... I see that every time it's on television, if I'm aware of it. So what you got to eat here? Nothing. Oh, Jesus, what is this? You got a corned beef sandwich here from 1951, I think. Look at this. I mean...
Mary Wilkie: Yeah, I know, I know. I don't have time to cook.
Isaac Davis: Corned beef should not be blue. It's really terrible. Hey.
Mary Wilkie: What?
Isaac Davis: Come here.
Mary Wilkie: What're you doing?
Isaac Davis: What am I doing? You have to ask? I was kissing you flush on the mouth.
Mary Wilkie: I cannot get my life in any kind of order. It's just...
Isaac Davis: It's something I wanted to do for ages.
Mary Wilkie: Yeah, I know.
Isaac Davis: Do you? Cos I... I thought I was hiding it. I was trying to be real cool and casual.
Mary Wilkie: I thought you wanted to kiss me at the planetarium.
Isaac Davis: I did. I thought so. But you were going out with Yale then and I would never in a million years interfere... Did you want me to kiss you?
Mary Wilkie: I don't know what I wanted. I was so angry at Yale that day.
Isaac Davis: But you were so sexy. You were soaking wet from the rain and I had a mad impulse to throw you down on the lunar surface and commit interstellar perversion with you.
Mary Wilkie: I can't go from relationship to relationship. It's senseless. I can't do it.
Isaac Davis: Well, what... Are you still hung up on Yale? Is that the problem?
Mary Wilkie: I've got too many problems. I'm really not the person to get involved with. I'm trouble.
Isaac Davis: Hey, honey, Trouble is my middle name.
Mary Wilkie: What are you saying?
Isaac Davis: Actually, my middle name is Mortimer. I'm kidding.

Mary Wilkie: That was wonderful.
Isaac Davis: I'll say.
Mary Wilkie: I love being in the country.
Isaac Davis: It's very relaxing. The mosquitoes have sucked all the blood out of my left leg. Apart from that...
Mary Wilkie: Doesn't it make you feel better?
Isaac Davis: Yeah, you were dynamite, except I felt for about two seconds you were faking. Not a lot.
Mary Wilkie: No.
Isaac Davis: Yes. When you dug your nails into my neck, you were a little...
Mary Wilkie: Well, I guess I'm nervous around you.
Isaac Davis: Still?
Mary Wilkie: Well, yeah.
Isaac Davis: So crazy.
Mary Wilkie: Because I'd like everything to work out.
Isaac Davis: It will. You should leave everything to me. I'll make everything happen.
Mary Wilkie: D'you really promise? Because I like you. I feel good around you.
Isaac Davis: I don't blame you.
Mary Wilkie: Yeah, I mean... Yale was great, he was absolutely great, but he was married. And Jeremiah, my ex-husband. He was just this oversexed, brilliant kind of animal.
Isaac Davis: Hey, what am I? Grandma Moses?
Mary Wilkie: Not at all. No, no, no. You're much different.
Isaac Davis: Yeah?
Mary Wilkie: Yes. You're someone I could imagine having children with.
Isaac Davis: Really?
Mary Wilkie: Yeah.
Isaac Davis: Hit the lights. Go ahead. Turn 'em out. We'll trade fours.
    Woody Allen as Isaac Davis
Woody Allen as Isaac Davis

Picture from Manhattan (1979)
Picture from Manhattan (1979)

Diane Keaton as Mary Wilkie
Diane Keaton as Mary Wilkie