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from 1955 movie ranked no.64 by American Film Institute's 100 Passions of all time directed by Delbert Mann with Betsy Blair as Clara Snyder and Ernest Borgnine as Marty Piletti.
Clara Snyder: Marty, I've known you for 3 hours, but I know you're a good butcher. You're an intelligent, decent, sensitive man, and, well, I have a feeling about you. Like, well, like sometimes one of my kids comes in to see me about something or other, and some of these kids in my classes, they have so much warmth and so much capacity. Well, that's the feeling I have about you. If you were one of my students, I'd say, "go ahead and buy the butcher shop."
Marty Piletti: Let me tell you, Clara I think you're kidding yourself. I used to think about leaving home that's what I would say "my mother needs me." But when you really come down to it, that ain't it at all. We're afraid to go out on our own. It's a big step to go out on your own. I think you're kidding yourself when you say your father needs you. Actually, you need your father. You know what I mean? You're living at home now, and you got your father and mother there. You could go on being a little girl.
Clara Snyder: I'm afraid of being lonely.
Marty Piletti: You won't be so lonely you'll make friends right away.
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Marty Piletti: Wait a minute. I'll find the light. I guess my mother ain't home yet. My cousin, Thomas, and Virginia they won't be home till 1:00. This is the kitchen.
Clara Snyder: Yes, I know.
Marty Piletti: Come on in the dining room. Sit down. You want something to eat? We've got a whole half chicken in the ice box.
Clara Snyder: No, thanks. I shouldn't stay long.
Marty Piletti: Oh, sure. Just take off your coat a minute. My kid brother, Nicky, got married last sunday. They had this statue of some woman. There was whiskey spouting out of her mouth. I never saw anything so grand. And what a meal. I know a good hunk of meat when I see it, and this was choice filet, $1.80 a pound. For a cheaper cut of meat, get rib steak. It comes to $1.25 a pound, if it's trimmed. Listen, Clara, make yourself comfortable. You look all tense.
Clara Snyder: No, I'm fine. You want me to take you home,
Marty Piletti: I'll take you home. Maybe it would be a good idea.
Clara Snyder: No, Marty, please.
Marty Piletti: I like you. I been telling you all night. All I want's a little kiss. All right! I'll take you home. All I wanted was a Lousy kiss. You think I'd try something serious? My mother coming home any minute.
Clara Snyder: I just didn't feel like it, that's all.
Marty Piletti: Well, I'm old enough to know better comes New Year's Eve, everybody starts arranging parties. I'm the guy they got to dig up a date for. I'll just get a pack of cigarettes and take
Clara Snyder: I'd like to see you again very much. The reason I didn't let you kiss me was because I just didn't know how to handle the situation. You're the kindest man I ever met. The reason I tell you this is because I want to see you again very much. I know that when you take me home, I'm just going to lie on my bed and think about you. I want very much to see you again.
Marty Piletti: What are you doing tomorrow night?
Clara Snyder: Nothing.
Marty Piletti: I'll call you up tomorrow. Maybe we'll go see a movie
Clara Snyder: I'd like that very much.
Marty Piletti: The reason I can't be more definite now is because my aunt Catherine probably coming over tomorrow. I may have to help out.
Clara Snyder: I'll wait for your call.
Marty Piletti: I better take you home now. It's getting late, and the buses only run about one an hour.
Clara Snyder: All right.
Marty Piletti: I'll just get a pack of cigarettes. What are you doing New Year's Eve?
Clara Snyder: Nothing.

Produced by Harold Hecht, Burt Lancaster, screenplay by Paddy Chayefsky upon his teleplay. Release date April 11, 1955, music by Roy Webb, cinematography by Joseph LaShelle.
    Betsy Blair as Clara Snyder
Betsy Blair as Clara Snyder

Picture from Marty (1955)
Picture from Marty (1955)

Ernest Borgnine as Marty Piletti
Ernest Borgnine as Marty Piletti
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