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from 1999 movie with Kevin Costner as Garret Blake and Robin Wright as Theresa Osborne. Quotes
Catherine letter: To all the ships at sea and all the ports of call. To my family and to all friends and strangers. This is a message and a prayer. The message is that my travels taught me a great truth. I already had what everyone is searching for and few ever find: the one person in the world who I was born to love forever. A person like me, of the Outer Banks and the blue Atlantic mystery. A person rich in simple treasures self-made, self-taught. A harbor where I am forever home. And no wind or trouble or even a little death can knock down this house. The prayer is that everyone in the world can know this kind of love and be healed by it. If my prayer is heard, then there will be an erasing of all guilt and all regret and an end to all anger. Please, God. Amen.
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Garret Blake: Where did you get this?
Theresa Osborne: I found it.
Garret Blake: What do you mean, you found it?
Theresa Osborne: I found it on the shore. Garret, wait. It came to me. You have to trust me.
Garret Blake: Trust you?
Theresa Osborne: I just had to meet the person that wrote it. I had to meet you. I was going to tell you before.
Garret Blake: How could you find me?
Theresa Osborne: Because I tracked all of the messages and there were clues...
Garret Blake: All of the messages?
Theresa Osborne: They've all been found and people saw it in the column and they wrote. I swear to God, I was going to tell you, Garret. Garret, wait.
Garret Blake: I got to get out of here.
Theresa Osborne: Garret, wait!
Garret Blake: Why did you do this? Why?! Were you curious? It's goddamn research!
Theresa Osborne: No, I'm falling in love with you! First in the letters and then when I met you! And I'm sorry! I was afraid! I was afraid if I told you that I would push you away! Just like I'm doing now. Wait! No matter what you think of me and no matter what happens now, I want you to know how much I care for you. And it shouldn't matter what brought us together, Garret.
Garret Blake: I sent those letters into the sea to her. Not to you! Not to all your friends at work!
Theresa Osborne: I know.
Garret Blake: They all knew about me, didn't they? All about Catherine?
Theresa Osborne: My life was changed by those three letters. I didn't want it printed in the paper.
Garret Blake: Two letters.
Theresa Osborne: You've got to believe me.
Garret Blake: I sent two letters to Catherine.
Theresa Osborne: What? I have all of the letters. I have all three.
Garret Blake: Where's the third letter?
Theresa Osborne: Is it in that drawer?

Garret last letter: Dear Catherine, My life began when I found you and I thought it had ended when I failed to save you. I thought that hanging on to your memory was keeping us both alive. But I was wrong. A woman named Theresa showed me that if I was brave enough to open my heart I could love again, no matter how terrible my grief. She made me realize I was only half-alive. It scared me and it hurt. I didn't know how much I needed her till the night she flew away. When that airplane took off, I felt something inside me tear away. And I knew. I should have stopped her. I should've followed her home. And now tomorrow, I'm going to sail to the windy point and I'm going to say goodbye to you. Then I'm going to go to this woman and see if I can win her heart. If I can, I know you'll bless me. And bless us all. If I can't then I'm still blessed because I've had the privilege of loving twice in my life. She gave me that. And if I tell you I love her as much as I loved you then you'll know the whole story. Rest in peace, my love!

Theresa Osborne: If some lives form a perfect circle others take shape in ways we cannot predict or always understand. Loss has been a part of my journey. But it has also shown me what is precious. So has a love for which I can only be grateful.

Kevin Costner as Garret Blake
Kevin Costner as Garret Blake

Message in a Bottle
Message in a Bottle picture from 1999 movie

Robin Wright as Theresa Osborne
Robin Wright as Theresa Osborne