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from 1945 movie with Zachary Scott as Monte Beragon and Joan Crawford as Mildred Pierce. Quotes
Monte Beragon: It's moments like this that make me happy that nylons are out.
Mildred Pierce: Well, if it isn't our silent partner.
Monte Beragon: I've been silent long enough. I came to check on my investment.
Mildred Pierce: Well, how do you like it?
Monte Beragon: Delightful.
Mildred Pierce: You're here to check on your investment?
Monte Beragon: Absolutely.
Mildred Pierce: Then you'd better look at your investment. Over there's the counter. Here will be one table and over here four tables. We have 10 booths, four people to a booth. That's 40 people. We can expect to feed...
Monte Beragon: Ingenious. Today's a holiday. Why don't you get out of here?
Mildred Pierce: I'd love to, but I'm awfully busy. Isn't the bar beautiful?
Monte Beragon: I've got one at the beach house. Why don't you come see my ocean?
Mildred Pierce: I've seen one. If you've seen one, you've seen them all. Why should people come to eat and go someplace else to drink? That's why I put in the bar...
Monte Beragon: Logical. But, back to my ocean. Why don't we go have a swim and forget about our investment?
Mildred Pierce: I'd love to, but... I've got too much to do.
Monte Beragon: Come on.
Mildred Pierce: Look out. I might say yes.
Monte Beragon: You know might be highly original?
Mildred Pierce: No. What?
Monte Beragon: Just say yes. Right away like that.
Mildred Pierce: No. No, I shouldn't.
Monte Beragon: You'll find that the only things you regret are the things you didn't do.
Mildred Pierce: I hope you're right.
Monte Beragon: Look. Why don't I pick you up in, say, 30 minutes.
Mildred Pierce: No, I really can't.
Monte Beragon: How about it?
Mildred Pierce: All right. You win.
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Monte Beragon: There you are. Just help yourself. If you don't find what you want, let me know.
Mildred Pierce: Are you hoarding bathing suits?
Monte Beragon: They belong to my sisters.
Mildred Pierce: There's nothing like having a large family.
Monte Beragon: Yell if you need help with the zipper.
Mildred Pierce: Thank you, but I won't need any help.
Monte Beragon: How do you like your drink?
Mildred Pierce: Harmless. I like your ocean.
Monte Beragon: I borrowed it from the Navy just for you.
Mildred Pierce: You have a wonderful view.
Monte Beragon: I wouldn't say that. I hope the suit fits better than the robe.
Mildred Pierce: It does. Do you live here year round?
Monte Beragon: The family mansion is in Pasadena. Complete with iron deer, a ghost and a greenhouse. I come here in the spring.
Mildred Pierce: It must be lovely.
Monte Beragon: Yes, but lonely. In the spring, a man's fancy turns to what he's thought about all winter.
Mildred Pierce: It's a good thing California winters are so short. No whistle?
Monte Beragon: I'd need a police siren.
Mildred Pierce: Well, here we go.
Monte Beragon: Go? Go where?
Mildred Pierce: Swimming. Isn't that why we're here?
Monte Beragon: I suppose it is. Wait a minute.
Mildred Pierce: Come on.
Monte Beragon: Hold it.
Monte Beragon: Drink?
Mildred Pierce: No, thank you. You drink too much.
Monte Beragon: I do too much of everything. I'm spoiled.
Mildred Pierce: Too many sisters. They all seem to be my size too.
Monte Beragon: Yes. I like them your size. To brotherly love!
Mildred Pierce: Thank you, Mr. Beragon. Monte Beragon. That's a very unusual name. Spanish?
Monte Beragon: Mostly. Maybe a little Italian thrown in. But my mother is a real dyed-in-the-wool Yankee. That's why I'm such a self-controlled and dignified young fellow.
Mildred Pierce: And just what do you do?
Monte Beragon: I loaf in a decorative and highly charming manner.
Mildred Pierce: Is that all?
Monte Beragon: With me, loafing is a science. You're very beautiful like that.
Mildred Pierce: I bet you say that to all your sisters.
Monte Beragon: Shall I tell your fortune?
Mildred Pierce: Can you?
Monte Beragon: We Beragons come from a long line of teacup readers. I'm not very impressionable. I lost my awe of women at an early age. But ever since you came here, I thought of what I'd say when we met again. Now I can't say anything. You take my breath away.
Mildred Pierce: Do I? I like you, Monte. You make me feel... I don't know, warm.
Monte Beragon: And wanted? Beautiful?
Mildred Pierce: Yes.
Monte Beragon: When I'm close to you, there's a sound in the air like the beating of wings. You know what it is?
Mildred Pierce: No. What?
Monte Beragon: My heart. Beating like a schoolboy's.
Mildred Pierce: Is it? I thought it was mine.
    Zachary Scott as Monte Beragon
Zachary Scott as Monte Beragon

Mildred Pierce
Mildred Pierce picture from 1945 movie

Joan Crawford as Mildred Pierce
Joan Crawford as Mildred Pierce