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from 1959 movie with Cary Grant as Roger O Thornhill and Eva Marie Saint as Eve Kendall Quotes with pictures I've been thinking it's not safe for you to roam Chicago looking for this George Kaplan you've been telling me about. You'll be
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picked up by the police the moment you show your face. ROGER THORNHILL: It's such a nice face, tooIt's such a nice face, too. EVE KENDALL: Don't you think it'd be a better idea if you stayed in my hotel room while I located him for you and brought him to you? ROGER THORNHILL: I can't let you get involved. It's too dangerous. EVE KENDALL: I'm a big girl. ROGER THORNHILL: Yeah, and in all the right places, too. EVE KENDALL: You know, this is ridiculous. You know that, don't you? ROGER THORNHILL: Yes. EVE KENDALL: I mean, we've hardly metwe've hardly met. ger Thornhill: That's right. EVE KENDALL: How do I know you aren't a murderer? ROGER THORNHILL: You don't. EVE KENDALL: Maybe you're planning to murder me, right here, tonight. ROGER THORNHILL: Shall I? EVE KENDALL: Please do. ROGER THORNHILL: Beats flying, doesn't it? EVE KENDALL: We should stop. ROGER THORNHILL: Immediately. EVE KENDALL: I ought to know more about youI ought to know more about you. ROGER THORNHILL: What more could you know?
EVE KENDALL: You're an advertising man, that's all I know.
ROGER THORNHILL: That's right. The train's a little unsteady.
EVE KENDALL: Who isn't?
ROGER THORNHILL: What else do you know?
EVE KENDALL: You've got taste in clothes, taste in food...
ROGER THORNHILL: And taste in women. I like your flavor.
EVE KENDALL: You're very clever with words. You can probably make them do anything for you.
Sell people things they don't need make women who don't know you fall in love with you.
ROGER THORNHILL: I'm beginning to think I'm underpaid.