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from 1946 movie with Ingrid Bergman as Alicia Huberman and Cary Grant as T.R. Devlin. Quotes
Alicia Huberman: I'm practically on the wagon. That's quite a change.
Devlin: It's a phase.
Alicia Huberman: You don't think a woman can change?
Devlin: Sure, a change is fun. For a while.
Alicia Huberman: For a while. What a rat you are, Devlin.
Devlin: All right, you've been sober for eight days. And as far as I know you've made no new conquests.
Alicia Huberman: Well, that's something!
Devlin: Eight days, practically white-washed.
Alicia Huberman: I'm very happy, Devlin. Why don't you let me be happy?
Devlin: Nobody's stopping you.
Alicia Huberman: Why don't you give that copper's brain of yours a rest? Every time you look at me I can see it running over its slogans: Once a crook, always a crook. Once a tramp, always a tramp. Go on, you can hold my hand. I won't blackmail you for it afterwards. Scared?
Devlin: I've always been scared of women. But I get over it.
Alicia Huberman: Now you're scared of yourself. You're afraid you'll fall in love with me.
Devlin: That wouldn't be hard.
Alicia Huberman: Now, careful, careful.
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Devlin: You enjoy making fun of me, don't you.
Alicia Huberman: No, Devlin, I'm making fun of myself. I'm pretending I'm a nice unspoilt child whose heart is full of daisies and buttercups.
Devlin: Nice daydream. Then what?
Alicia Huberman: I think I'll have another drink.
Devlin: I thought you'd get around to it!
Alicia Huberman: Make it a double!
Devlin: Whisky and soda, double.
Alicia Huberman: Why won't you believe in me, Devlin? Just a little. Why won't you?

Alicia Huberman: I know why you won't, Dev: you're sore. You're sore because you've fallen for a little drunk you tailed in Miami. And you don't like it, it makes you sick all over, doesn't it? People will laugh at you. The invincible Devlin in love with someone who isn't worth even wasting the words on. Poor Devlin, in love with a no-good gal. It must be awful, I'm sorry.

Alicia Huberman: It's nice out here! Let's not go out for dinner. Let's stay here.
Devlin: We have to eat.
Alicia Huberman: We can eat here. I'll cook.
Devlin: I thought you didn't like to cook.
Alicia Huberman: No, I don't like to cook. But I have a chicken in the ice-box and you're eating it.
Devlin: What about all the washing up afterwards?
Alicia Huberman: We'll eat it with our fingers.
Devlin: Don't we need any plates?
Alicia Huberman: Yes, one for you and one for me.
Devlin: Do you mind if have dinner with you tonight?
Alicia Huberman: I'd be delighted. Where are you going?
Devlin: If we're going to stay in... I've to telephone the hotel to see if there are any messages.
Alicia Huberman: You have to?
Devlin: I have to.
Alicia Huberman: This is a very strange love affair.
Devlin: Why?
Alicia Huberman: Maybe the fact that you don't love me.
Devlin: Hello? Paris Hotel? Reception desk? This is T.R. Devlin. Are there any messages for me? I don't love you. How do you know?
Alicia Huberman: You haven't said anything. Actions speak louder than words.
Devlin: There is? Good, read it to me, please. Thanks. Prescott wants me over right away.
Alicia Huberman: Did he say what about?
Devlin: No.
Alicia Huberman: Maybe it's our assignment.
Devlin: Probably. Do you want me to bring anything back?
Alicia Huberman: Yes, what about a nice bottle of wine to celebrate?

Cary Grant as T.R. Devlin
Cary Grant as T.R. Devlin

Notorious picture from 1946 movie

Ingrid Bergman as Alicia Huberman
Ingrid Bergman as Alicia Huberman