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from 1942 movie with Bette Davis as Charlotte Vale and Paul Henreid as Jerry Durrance. Quotes
Charlotte Vale (reading): The untold want, by life and land ne'er granted,
Now, Voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find.
Jerry Durrance: Who's the fat lady with the heavy brows and all the hair?
Charlotte Vale: A spinster aunt.
Jerry Durrance: Where are you? Taking the picture?
Charlotte Vale: I'm the fat lady with the heavy brows and all the hair. I'm poor Aunt Charlotte. I've been ill.

Charlotte Vale: Shall I tell you what you've given me? On that very first day, a bottle of perfume made me feel important. You were my first friend. When you fell in love with me, I was so proud. When I came home, I needed something to make me proud. Your camellias arrived and I knew you were thinking about me. I coulīve walked into a den of lions. As a matter of fact I did, and the lions didn't hurt me. Please take back what you said.
Jerry Durrance: If you can marry that man and have a happy life, I will.
Charlotte Vale: I'll try.
Jerry Durrance: I'll look for you around every corner. Goodbye, darling.
Charlotte Vale: Goodbye, darling.

Jerry Durrance: May I sometimes come here?
Charlotte Vale: Whenever you like. I's your home too.There are people here who love you.
Jerry Durrance: Look at you and Tina share with you peace and contentment?
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Paul Henreid as Jerry Durrance
Paul Henreid as Jerry Durrance
  Bette Davis as Charlotte Vale
Bette Davis as Charlotte Vale
  Now Voyager
Now Voyager picture from 1942 movie
  Charlotte Vale: Of course. Just think it won't be for this time only. That is, if you'll help me keep what we have. If we both try hard to protect that strip of territory tha's ours we can talk about your child...
Jerry Durrance: Our child.
Charlotte Vale: Thank you.
Jerry Durrance: And will you be happy, Charlotte?
Charlotte Vale: Oh, Jerry, don't le's ask for the moon. We have the stars.