An Officer And A Gentleman video

from 1982 movie with Richard Gere as Zachary Mayo and Debra Winger as Paula Pokrifki. Quotes
Zachary Mayo: Would you like to get a drink?
Paula Pokrifki: Sure.
Zachary Mayo: Let's go. What kind of a name is Pokrifki?
Paula Pokrifki: Polish. What kind of a name is Mayo?
Zachary Mayo: Italian. My mom was Irish.
Paula Pokrifki: No, thank you.
Zachary Mayo: I think I got her ears. The rest is all wop.
Paula Pokrifki: Where are you from, Mayo the wop?
Zachary Mayo: Everywhere, nowhere... Paula the Polack.
Paula Pokrifki: Seriously.
Zachary Mayo: Seriously... My father's a rear admiral, seventh fleet.
Paula Pokrifki: You're kidding.
Zachary Mayo: We lived in ports all over the world... Kathmandu, Moscow, Nairobi.
Paula Pokrifki: Really? I've never been out of Washington. Wait a minute. You're kidding me, right? We don't have any naval bases in Moscow.
Zachary Mayo: No.
Paula Pokrifki: No. I didn't think so. So, you got a girl, Mayo the wop?
Zachary Mayo: No. I ain't looking for one either.
Paula Pokrifki: What are you looking for?
Zachary Mayo: I've heard about these girls who come here looking for a husband.
Paula Pokrifki: Not me.
Zachary Mayo: Yeah? Why are you here?
Paula Pokrifki: To meet interesting people, improve myself.
Zachary Mayo: What do you do, go to school?
Paula Pokrifki: No, I got a job. I work over at National Paper. It's a real good job. I'm going to save enough money, travel.

Zachary Mayo: Paula, you are a very, very pretty girl.
Paula Pokrifki: Do you want to go somewhere else?

Zachary Mayo: Couldn't wait to get out of there.
Paula Pokrifki: Didn't you like the band?
Zachary Mayo: Not much.
Paula Pokrifki: You didn't like Tie a Yellow Ribbon? I thought their rendition's...
Zachary Mayo: Let's go down to the beach.

Paula Pokrifki: There's nothing you could have done about it.
Zachary Mayo: I got to leave. Want money for a cab or something?
Paula Pokrifki: I don't deserve that.
Zachary Mayo: OK. All right.
Paula Pokrifki: You're not the only one that's feeling awful. Maybe I had something to do with it. I knew what Lynette was doing.
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Richard Gere as Zachary Mayo
Richard Gere as Zachary Mayo
  An Officer And A Gentleman
An Officer And A Gentleman picture from 1982 movie
  Debra Winger as Paula Pokrifki
Debra Winger as Paula Pokrifki
  Zachary Mayo: Look, you got no problems! Another class will come through soon. You and Lynette... right back into business!
Paula Pokrifki: That's not fair. I never lied to you. I never did what Lynette's doing. I'm not Lynette.
Zachary Mayo: No.
Paula Pokrifki: I love you. I've loved you since I met you. Don't you understand?
Zachary Mayo: No! I don't want you to love me! I don't want anyone to love me. I just want out!