On the Beach video

from 1959 movie with Anthony Perkins as Lt. Peter Holmes and Donna Anderson as Mary Holmes. Quotes
Peter Holmes: Got a bit of a burn yesterday at the beach after all.
Mary: You'd better put some calamine stuff on it.
Peter Holmes: For one thing, I thought a party on Saturday night. Ten or twelve people. We haven't done that for a while. Would you like that?
Mary: Well, as long as they all understand how I feel about those morbid discussions. We would have to get someone for him, though. What about Moira ?
Peter Holmes: Why not? If she's sober this weekend.
Mary: Julian said she'd given it up.
Peter Holmes: No, darling, you didn't listen. Julian said she'd given up gin... for brandy. She says she can drink more brandy. Moira's not a bad notion, in point of fact. She'd keep him occupied, at least.
Mary: But she'd have to stop over, and we can't just put him on a cot.
Peter Holmes: Put Moira on a cot on the veranda. She claims she's not slept in her own bed the last three months anyway.
Mary: That's not entirely fair. It's all on the surface.
Peter Holmes: I'll ring her up tonight and give her the drill. I wonder what he's like when he gets a skinful?
Mary: Peter...
Peter Holmes: What?
Mary: You do understand how I feel about people talking?
Peter Holmes: Sure.
Mary: And you do love me?
Peter Holmes: Of course I do.
Mary: Then why don't you ever say so?
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Anthony Perkins as Lt. Peter Holmes
Anthony Perkins as Lt. Peter Holmes
  On the Beach
On the Beach picture from 1959 movie
  Donna Anderson as Mary Holmes
Donna Anderson as Mary Holmes
  Peter Holmes: You remember the first time we ever met?
Mary: It was on the beach.
Peter Holmes: I thought you were everything I'd ever dreamed about, everything I ever wanted.
Mary: I thought you were so underfed.
Peter Holmes: Every day after that, I went to the beach, but you were never there.